Author: secretcumsharer

Hi just a few short lines to ryme feel free to comment and we will all see how dark we get..

I remember walking in and seeing my sister in the bath..
I was addicted from that moment I knew her body will be mine to enjoy and have.. Could not resizt Even though Am 6years older. looked at her smile saying it’s OK don’t worry if I see you naked am your brother then I told long as nobody else finds out..
Specialy as I should know better no doubt..
I Even laugh and say imagine if we could we could pretend to go out with each other…or just let me teach what to do its best learn with your brother…
You know I wouldn’t be telling my friends what we do me and you…
Lol she replied saying would be fun I think..
Mmmm stand up then giz a propa look …mmmm that is now mine only to fuck..
And may cums yours for a daily drink
Look how big are hard my cock is.
That’s cuz its with you my sexy little horny sis..

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