Young Queen 01

Author: Jessie Monegra

From the king’s point of view:
Jessie was still asleep when I woke up. I leaned over her and cupped her face. My beautiful queen was pregnant. She was having twins. In two years, it would be breeding time. since she was the only female in the village, she would be bred with every man in the village to have their sons. But for now, she was mine. All mine.
Later, once she had woken up and eaten breakfast she came back upstairs. She had only been pregnant for two weeks, but she was so young and small that her belly had already swollen a little bit. I carried her to the bed and began to rub lotion into her belly. She sighed and guided my hand down to her panties, motioning for me to slide them off. I did, and began to rub her small clit. Her eyes were huge, longing for more. I stuck a finger into her impossibly tight hole, pulling down my pants with the other hand. I had a raging boner. Her pussy was soaked, and my cock slid right in. Jessie let out a moan of delight. I thrust deep into her, and she squealed. MMmMMMmmM she moaned. I thrust faster and faster, until i let out a full load into her. she screamed with delight. She turned onto her stomach and I placed my cock on her tongue. i slowly pushed it back into her throat until her soft lips reached my balls. I was impressed. She had just slid all 12 inches of me into her throat. I slowly thrust back and forth, saliva dripping out of her mouth. I quickly cummed into her throat, and she swallowed every last drop. she gasped for air. “are you alright?” I asked. “Mmmmm… perfect.” She said. she was exhausted, and she slept for a few hours.
Next part coming soon!

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