Author: Steve

14 year old Marcus was walking through the corridor of the hospital where he was a volunteer, he was on his way to collect a patient to take to the grounds, Marcus wanted to be a doctor when he was older and was now doing none medical work as a volunteer to get experience of working in a hospital. Marcus arrived at the ward and was told by the nurse to take Sharon a 17 year old local girl to the gardens, Sharon who was in hospital after getting drunk was sitting in a wheelchair.
Marcus knew Sharon was a member of a street gang and was often in trouble. Marcus started to push the wheelchair through the corridors and into the lift, inside the lift Marcus got a surprise, he was behind Sharon and he looked down and saw one side of her gown was slightly open giving him a good view of one of her boobs not just part of it but the whole boob nipple as well, Marcus smiled and thought nice. The lift stopped at the ground and Marcus took Sharon into the gardens where Sharon got out the chair and sat on a bench before lighting a cigarette, Marcus walked round the gardens while Sharon smoked after 20 minutes he went back collected Sharon and took her back to the ward. One of the nurses looked at Sharon said ” You amaze me your family can afford to pay for private medical care yet you drink cheap cider and hang out with low life scum” Sharon responded with a two finger salute which made Marcus smile, the nurse looked at Marcus said ” take her to the tanning room” Marcus did as he was told, in the lift Marcus had another look at Sharon’s boob hoping she would not notice the bulge in his tracksuit trousers, In the tanning room Sharon told Marcus to get a towel, Marcus went for the towel on his return Sharon was sitting on the tanning table, Marcus gave her the towel Sharon looked a Marcus crutch and noticed the bulge, she looked at Marcus said ” you got a fucking hard on ” Marcus went red said ” sorry ” Sharon then noticed her boob was showing, she said ” looking at my tit gave you a boner” Marcus nodded Sharon smiled said show, Marcus just stood there, Sharon said ” come on you been looking at my tit get your cock out” Marcus did as he was told, Sharon gasped said ” fucking hell that is some cock it must be at least 9 inches ” Marcus replied that it was 9 and half, Sharon smiled said ” my boyfriends is only 7. The phone rang Marcus went answered it after speaking on the phone he returned to find Sharon sat in a chair with her gown round her hips showing both boobs with fully erect nipples, she looked at Marcus said ” come here” Marcus walked over to where Sharon sat, Sharon pulled the tracksuit trousers down and with in seconds was sucking on Marcus’s solid dick, Marcus stood enjoying having his dick sucked by a white girl,
Sharon stopped stood up letting her gown fall to the floor leaving her naked, she walked to the bed got on it lay on her back legs wide open said ” fuck me good you black bastard” Marcus did not need a second invite and soon had his dick buried deep inside Sharon who yelled as it slid up her, Marcus pounding away getting deeper and deeper as he went, he started sucking Sharon’s nipples who was moaning, Marcus carried on pounding away then started pinching Sharon’s nipples between his finger and thumb which made Sharon squeal and moan more, as he pounded away he felt Sharon cum but carried on pounding away, Sharon came 4 more times before she said no more, Marcus stopped pulled out looked at Sharon said ” if you ever want more black cock just call me” Sharon lay there exhausted, after 20 minutes she put her gown on, Marcus wheeled her back to the ward where some of her friends were waiting for her. Marcus left the ward knowing Sharon would be in hospital for awhile yet,

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