The fire

Author: Steve

It was late as Mark walked home, he had planned to stay at his mates house overnight but his mate had been rushed to hospital, so he was now heading back home. As he rounded the corner into his street he saw the fire engines outside a house near his, the top of the house was all blackened and gutted by a fire, he hoped nobody had been hurt, he knew the family, 12 year old Mandy was a cheeky brat but liked her mum had died a few years ago so Mandy was brought up by her dad. Mark went into his house all was quiet so he got a drink and went to his room, he found the dim night light was on he thought he must have forgot to switch it off, he stripped off his clothes and got in his shower, he felt the hot water flowing over his body and soon felt his dick start to swell, it grew till he had a full 8 inch erection, after a minute he started to slowly stroke it gathering speed as he went till he erupted in 4 long spurts over the glass door, he stayed under the shower for a few minutes till he washed, he then dried and got into bed. The following morning he woke got up went down for breakfast, as he entered the dining room he saw Mandy and her dad at the breakfast table, his mum said ” morning Mark ” he replied morning his mum then explained about the fire across the road and because she thought he was away for the night had let Mandy sleep in the spare bed in his room and her dad on the couch, Mark looked at Mandy who was grinning, Mark sat down for his breakfast hoping Mandy had been asleep when he got in last night. Later Mark was in his room when Mandy walked in she looked at him said ” I saw you last night having a wank in the shower” she then added you got a big cock and squirt lots of spunk first time I seen a 16 year old naked boy have a wank it was awesome, Mark looked said ” I did not know you were here don’t tell anyone” Mandy said ” only if you let me wank you off” Steve looked at her said ” what ” Mandy repeated what she had said, Steve responded with but your only 12, Mandy said “so” Steve knew he had to agree to keep her from telling he knew his mum and Mandy’s dad was out so agreed and undid his jeans, Mandy said ” Naked like you were last night” Steve stripped naked and lay on his bed, when Mandy took hold of his dick he was surprised how warm it felt, his dick was soon fully erect and Mandy was slowly stroking it, after 5 minutes Steve’s dick was throbbing he was enjoying things, after a few more minutes Mandy felt Steve’s dick twitch and there was 5 long spurts of cream, Mandy washed her hands while Steve cleaned up. Mandy said
” I wanted o see your cock for ages never thought I would see you wank and wank you off” Steve asked her who had taught her she replied with my cousin..
During the day Steve’s mum put up a curtain between the beds. That night Steve went into his room to see Mandy standing naked by wardrobe, he was amazed to see her small developing boobs and hairless pussy, Mandy smiled, Steve locked the door then stripped,, Mandy smiled when she saw his erection, Steve got in bed, Mandy said ” yeah again” Mandy went over to Steve’s bed and got in, she looked at Steve said ” fuck me ” Steve slowly eased into Mandy’s already moist pussy and gently ponded away after 10 minutes he pulled out and squirted up her stomach, Mandy lay there smiling before going to her own bed. At breakfast Steve’s mum asked if all was ok Mandy pointed at Steve said ” he snores” Steve smiled.

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