Little Isy ruined me

Author: Me

Isabel. Was sitting next to me on the couch. She was used to my presence now. Since I started to date her mom. She gets up and comes back. And ask if she can sit on my lap. Sure if you want. So she sat on my lap. All 40 pounds of her 6 year old frame. Right on me. I have been eyeing her a bit ever since I met her. She is just a cuter smaller version of her mom. She has light blond hair with a bit of a wave, blue eyes. She sits right on my cock. But didn’t seem to notice or care. So we continue watching the show as I fondle her hair. She announces she was tired and was thinking of taking a nap. Ok take a nap then. Ok. And she leans back. Fidgets a bit. Maybe if you face me it will be comfy, or you could go to your room And nap. She gets just enough to turn her body facing me straddling me with her knees. Like that her head is nearly the same level as mine. She asked if that was right. Yeah if it’s comfy. Sit down and see. So she dose her knees in to the couch by my side’s. Sitting straight on my hard on. She must have felt it against her cunt because she lifted a bit. But I made no notice of it. And she sat back down. Laying her body against mine. Her head resting on my chest. I wrap my arms around the little bundle. Witch forced her down harder onto my cock slightly. She was wearing a cute little nightgown. And some pink panties I saw early that lazzy Sunday morning. Her mom works those mornings and I just started to watch Isy (Isabel). Comfy I asked her. She shook her head. Yeah. She said softly. A few mins later her eyes are closed. I doubt she was asleep. But I let my hard slip down to her ass. And I slowly pull her in to me a hair and let he naturally cone back down. Rubbing my cock on her mound. I did this a few times but then as I let posse to let her slide back down she lifting up more by her self. A few inches. I was doing it less then an inch, just barely nudging her. Not wanting her to notice exactly what I was doing. But she did notice. As she came back down rubbing harder into me. So she did this by her self for a while. My hands resting on her bum. She was still pretending to me asleep. She kept rubbing against me until she started to moan a tiny bit. But she stopped as soon as she did. Laying there holding me tight. Did you like that Isy? She only shakes her head a little up and down. Gets up on her knees and looks at me. I lean in to kiss her. And she kisses back. My hands still on her bum. I slide her night gown up and over hear head. Only stopping the kiss so the cloth could pass by. It was just lips on lips. I tried to open up and cup her upper lip but she kept her lips in pucker. And she didn’t understand why I took her night gown off but, she had been in front of me a few times topless, and wasn’t all to shy about it in general. Open your mouth I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy. Don’t you want to kiss like mommy. Aww that’s it. She had in fact saw mommy kissing me weird and was interested in what we was doing. So her mouth open to much. Like she was at the dentist or something, edged closer to me. And I covered her mouth with mine. And she sat there still while I probed her teeth and gums. And she tasted pretty good. She loved to eat fruit and sweets. And her tongue was so soft. And responded to my stimuli a bit. Pulling back a bit. Use your tongue to play with mine ok. She nods. And don’t have your mouth open so much. Just enough to let our tongues to get in and out. She nods again. And I go back in. To a much better experience. My tongue played with hers and I slowly got her to put her tongue into my mouth. And I started to suck on it. The softness of her tongue was amazing. She started to retract it but I sucked hard. She giggled. I turn to the side to fall back onto the couch holding her up to me. And we made out for a few minutes of her being on top of me. Taking turns who sucked of who’s tongue. That was all she had in mind. It wasn’t good kissing, but somehow it was the best kissing I have ever experienced.

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