Emily gets a new babysitter

Author: Jake

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My name is Jake, I’m 6’1, 190 pounds, 23 years of age. I have short brown hair, blue eyes, and I attend my local public college, getting a degree human services. I am a pretty typical guy. I play a bit of sports, a bit of gaming, some reading, pretty much do anything for someone if they ask. Its pretty hard for me to tell someone no when it only puts me out to say yeah no problem, I can do that for you. So I am always the guy who gets called when its moving time, or doing a home project just call Jake. But some times being the guys to call can have up side’s, this is the story of how I met Emily.

Part one
Samantha, the best friend of Nicole, who has been a friend of mine for the past 3 years I met her my first year of college, called me on a Friday night around 6 p.m. now I have never met nor have I even talked to Samantha before she called me. So I answered the phone, I was just watching a random show on Netflix and had no plans for the night. I Said, hello this Jake. “Hi Jake you don’t know me but I’m Nicole’s friend Samantha.” “Uhhh… hi… what can I do for you?” guessing where this was leasing. Nicole was a friend not someone in my inner circle. But our friendship revolved around me helping her out. But I totally did not mind. She is pretty hot and more often then not after helping her with something it usually ended in me banging her. So I was quite chill with the arrangement. Anyway she sounded in a bit of a mess. “so I’m really embarrassed to be asking a stranger for help but iv exhausted all my options and I was asking Nicole again but she said no she really couldn’t, again”. I interjected by asking “what did you need?” “A baby sitter. And then she said she might have a friend that could help and she gave me your contact info. I hope that’s ok.” I made a mental note to have a talk with Nicole. Even if it just ends in some good sorry sex! So the guy I am I said “I might be able to help, wh”. Is the farthest I got before she erupted with “yes, thank you so much I’ll pay you really good. You don’t know how much this means to me.” Chuckling I said “woo settle down lets first figure out the important stuff like where and when you know that kind of stuff.” She said “right now my place.” “right now jeez kinda short notice, how many kinds do you got? And how long do I need to sit for?” “I just have one, and till 11pm she will be asleep for the last couple hours so you can watch what ever you was watching when I called. It would mean so much to me if you would do this for me. And I’ll throw in a 100 bucks!” “Alright, Alright I’ll be over in a few.” “thanks.” (click)
So I head over to her place, happens to be about 7 Minutes away. And I knock on the door and it opens instantly. Samantha is there, she seems to be pushing thirty. Brown curly hair, big gorgues green eyes. Fit an thin, probably a B cup. And she is fairly dressed up. First impression smoking hot for a chick near thirty. “hi you must be Jake, come in, come in.” She opens the door wide and waves me in. She has an average town house. The kind with the garage as a first story and 2 more story’s on top of it. Its in a fairly low income neighborhood. So there the two us are at the base of the stairs. “ok you have my cell number if you need me, but please don’t need me. this is super important to me, but call if you do need to. So here is the 100. And here is twenty more for pizza she has not eaten yet.” “ok so who is she? Any advice?” “her name is Emily. She is 10. And she is really easy to take care of. Just watch some tv with her maybe one of those princes movies she like so much. Oh she is kinda shy , so it will take her a bit to warm up to you.” She leads me up stairs to the front room, kitchen area. And there she, the girl that will take me by storm like I never knew. She is sitting on the couch watching SpongeBob. She turns her head to us. And she looks just like here mom beautifully curly brown locks. Giant green eyes that shine like no other eyes. And a small smile. She is wearing a loose fitting T. And sweats. she seems to study me from head to toe. “ok Emily this is Jake the friend of Nicole’s I told you about.” She flushes a bit gets up and scampers out of the room and up the stairs. “well I told you she was shy. Don’t worry just order the pizza and turn on a movie and she will come down in no time. She loves pizza, just a normal Pepperoni pizza should do the trick.” “ok thanks I’ll get to it then, see you at 11?” “yes not a second latter I promise.” And that was it baby sitting my first preteen. So I did what she said order the pizza, and turn on Mona the new princes movie, hoping I could make it through the move with out falling asleep. 35 Minutes later the pizza guy gets there so I set it on the counter and call up the stairs that I have a nice pepperoni pizza down here for anyone that would want some. About half way through my first slice, there she is grabbing a slice before I even noticed she came into the room. “hay there nice of you to join me would you like to watch this great movie with me while we eat?” in small voice she said one word “ok.” And we sit down on opposite sides of the couch. We ate in silence and watched for about 30 more minutes before she said anything. She just out of no were started to tell me about things in the movie and why it was cool. I just play along. Agreeing with her on almost every fact. Once I question her on one and she got a bit defensive about it so I let it go. She is about 4 foot tall so pretty small for what I thought a 10 year old girl should be at. She just might have the smallest amount of development on her chest. But it was for all intents and purposes flat.

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