Carrie – The cinema visit

Author: DonaldDentley

Carrie – The cinema visit

Donald Dentley © 2017

I saw Carrie again a few weeks later when I walked past her house to post a letter. She was in the garden cutting the hedge, but she saw me and said: ”Come to return my undergarments have you?” I replied that I didn’t have them with me, but it seemed she wasn’t very interested in them anyway. She suggested that the following Thursday we go together to the cinema in X, a moderately large town some thirty kilometers from ours. I looked a bit surprised but she simply said that there was a film she’d like to see and that no one would know us in X. When I asked whose car we’d go in she said she wanted to go by train and that we should meet at the station at four thirty. It seemed a bit early but I said OK and was there on time on the Thursday. She’d chosen to take the stop train. I now realised why we were leaving a bit early. It would take us almost and hour to get to X on this train. I let her board first and then boarded by another door. It was one of these old trains where the carriages had a corridor and compartments with two sets of three seats opposite each other. So it wasn’t hard to find the carriage she was in.

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