Teen Diaries 1: Underage Drinking

I told my parents I was sleeping over at Amanda’s, which was completely true. After dinner with her parents and watching ‘Easy A,’ we pretended to go to sleep. But really, our friend Rachel was waiting in her car around the corner to take us to a big party on the other side of town. It wasn’t hard to sneak out of Amanda’s first floor room and we jammed to One Direction the whole way there.

The party was a blast! All of the popular kids from our school were there and we looked like rock-stars drinking vodka and grape juice out of red solo cups, dancing on tables. I even made out with Chad, who I’d had a huge crush on for a really long time! It was a perfect night… until the cops busted the party.

Since we were only 16, Amanda and I ran out before they started carding people and made it a few blocks, before realizing Rachel was still inside! We just lost our ride and not knowing what to do, Amanda decided to call her dad.

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