20 Year Old Jake Pounds And Dominates A 40 Year Old Milf

Liz was agood looking 40 year old redhead who was a mom of two. She had been happily married to the same man for the past 15 years and had two children. She did everything a good wife should do including taking care of the children along with doing the chores around the house. She also did a lot of volunteer work at her children’s school along with helping take care of an older love one. You would say she was a hero of sorts as she did everything for everyone but herself.

One day Liz knew she needed a break from her normal routine. She finally began to think about herself and how life was slipping past her. A good friend of hers had pushed Liz to try a trial membership at the gym where she had been working out at. Liz hesitated at first like usual about taking her up on her offer as her schedule was quite taxing, but after a little coaxing Liz decided why not do something for herself this time.

Liz by the way was in very good shape as her 5’6 and 120 pound body was nearly perfect in every way, but it was more about getting out of the house and experience new things in her life. She had hoped this would rejuvenate her once again like she felt many years ago.

The following week Liz and her friend visited the gym. Liz went out a few days earlier and bought a specific outfit for this exclusive session. She hadn’t wore anything this tight in some time so it took her a little getting used to as she walked into the gym with her friend for the first time.

Her friend introduced Liz to a few of the instructors in the gym as Liz explained what she wanted to work on. They immediately gave Liz a guide to follow as she began to make her way around the gym doing several different routines.

Liz couldn’t but help notice the amount of young men who were working out all around her. It was a smorgasbord of sex as the young men tried to show off to the other women there. One young man in particular had grabbed Liz’s attention very quickly. It was a young man who thought he is god’s gift to all women. He pranced around the gym like he owned it and he certainly garnered a lot attention from the other women working out. He was a good looking young man whose body was nearly perfect in every way.

Liz was curious to find out more about him as she asked her friend, “Who is that young guy over there?”

“That is Jake. You want to stay away from him. He is bad news,” her friend tersely responded back.

“Hmmm,” Liz mumbled back.

“The rumors are that he has slept with several of the women inside this gym. He is a big jerk I heard from some others, but he is supposed to be very well hung,” her friend said back.

“How old is he?” Liz then asked.

“He just turned 20 from what I heard. He thinks he is much older,” her friend shot back.

Liz and her friend went back to working out a few minutes later. Liz’s path so far hadn’t crossed Jake’s until she had gotten down to the end of her workout. That is when Jake noticed her as he walk over to her and said, “I haven’t seen you here before. Are you new to the gym?”

Liz was extremely nervous as she said quietly back, “Yes, I am here on a trial membership.”

“I hope you join up. We need more good looking women like you around here,” Jake replied back as he gave Liz a very seductive smile.

Liz was instantly flattered as she could hardly take her eyes off Jake’s body as he began to do his workout right next to her. He might have been somewhat conceded and extremely cocky but Liz found herself being attached to him for some odd reason.

A week later Liz decided to go ahead and join the gym. She felt good about herself as she worked out routinely a few times a week. She also noticed Jake more and more as he was there practically every time Liz worked out. A few days later Liz asked her friend more about Jake. She wanted to know more about him.

“Stay away from him Liz. He loves to fuck women and leaves them embarrassed and humiliated.” her friend told her.

Liz listened to her friend but was still pulled toward knowing more about Jake. She wondered if he was as bad of a guy as her friend had said or was she just over doing it. She was about to find out for herself a few weeks later.

Liz had been working out one morning when she quickly turned to head for another piece of equipment. To her surprise she ran right smack into Jake as he stood directly behind her. Her body instantly smacked right into Jake’s tight body as he threw out his arms to grabbed her.

“Oh’ I am so sorry!” Liz said to him.

“Sure you are baby! I bet you did it on purpose! I know you had been watching me around the gym since you started working out here,” Jake replied back.

“No! No! I hadn’t been watching you,” a nervous Liz replied back.

Jake gave Liz a seductive smile as he walked away a few seconds later. Liz was now embarrassed and didn’t know what to do now. Jake was onto her and she now knew it.

It had been two weeks later and Liz was supposed to take her ailing relative to the doctor’s office but due to a mix up her relative’s doctor appointment was cancelled. She decided then to go ahead and workout instead. She hadn’t been to the gym in almost a week so she was very antsy to get in a good workout.

When she arrived at the gym that day she almost immediately noticed Jake working out. She tried her best to maintain a distance from him and for the most part it was working out fine, but just as Liz was about to finish up her work out Jake suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Are you still checking me out baby? I bet you would love to see what is under these shorts wouldn’t you?” Jake said to her.

Liz was extremely nervous as she didn’t know what to say to this cocky 20 year old. She finally mumbled out, “I really wasn’t checking you out. It is a big miss understanding.”

Jake didn’t believe one word out of Liz’s mouth. He then said, “We both know what you want.”

He grabbed Liz’s hand and led her down a long hallway to the back of the gym.

Liz asked, “Where are we going?”

“You will see soon enough!” Jake replied back.

Jake pulled Liz into a back room that was in behind the gym. It was a storage area for a bunch of junk so there was no way anyone would come back there looking for anything.

“What do you want from me?” Liz asked.

“You know what I want!” Jake said.

Jake now began to remove his shorts as Liz got her first look at his gorgeous cock. He was very well hung as the rumor went as his cock hung several inches down in between his legs. Liz was mortified as she stood there with her eyes glued right on it.

“Please no Jake! I can’t do this! There seems to be some kind of misunderstanding,” Liz cried out.

“Sure you can and you will. Get on your knees right now!” Jake demanded.

Liz pleaded several more seconds before she finally gave in to Jake’s demands. She slowly dropped to her knees right in front of him as her mouth was now on the same level as Jake’s big cock. He now began to move towards her as his big cock was only a few feet from Liz’s mouth.

“Good girl! You know you want to suck on it!” Jake sounded out.

Jake now moved his big cock right in front of a desperate Liz who now knelt just inches from it.

“Suck it baby!” Jake demanded.

Liz not knowing what to do couldn’t stop herself as she reached out and grabbed for Jake’s big cock with her hand. She slowly began to massage his cock as she heard Jake shout out, “Don’t play with it. Suck it!”

A few seconds later Liz took Jake’s semi erect cock into her mouth. She began to suck hard on his cock as Jake urged her on. She couldn’t believe what she was doing to him as her head began to bob back n forth on the shaft of his big cock. The sounds of Liz’s mouth on his cock radiated throughout the small storage room.

It had been almost ten minutes later as Jake moaned out, “Suck it baby! I am almost there!”

A few minutes later without any noticed Jake began to grunt out loudly. He quickly yanked his big cock out of Liz’s mouth and began to shoot his cum all over Liz’s beautiful face. Liz was stunned and embarrassed as Jake’s cum dripped down over most of her face. She tried quickly to clean it off her best that she could as Jake quickly yanked his shorts back up and walked away.

“Next time I am going to fuck you! It will be a pleasure to fuck a beautiful milf like you!” Jake said as he left the small storage room leaving Liz’s thoughts to herself.

The next week was agony for Liz as she told no one of her escapade with Jake. She never once mentioned it to her friend as she went back to the gym the following week. This time Jake was gone so Liz didn’t need to think about him taking her once again in the back of the storage room.

The following week Liz and her friend were supposed to work out again together but something had come up at the last second causing her friend to cancel on her. Liz was already dressed to go so she decided to just go alone that day. She really thought she could control Jake but she was about to walk into a much more serious situation.

Liz walked into that gym that day and immediately saw Jake lifting weights off to the side. She wondered if he was serious about fucking her or was he being somewhat facetious about it. She slowly made her way around from one piece of equipment to another trying not to garner the attention of Jake. Liz had just finished halfway through her workout when Jake finally had notice that Liz was there. He immediately gave Liz a very seductive eye from across the gym.

Liz was quite nervous as she continued on with her workout trying to ignore him. She also felt a wave of arousal shoot right through her as her panties had become very damp. It wasn’t until she had just finished up her workout that she encountered Jake.

Jake walked up to her and said, “You back to get fucked!”

Liz tried another approach with Jake as she said, “You couldn’t handle me if you tried! You are just one big loser!”

Jake loved her sassy attitude as he said, “Come on baby! Anytime any place. Let’s go to my place right now. My roommate is gone so I have the place to myself. I will show you how big of a loser I am.”

Liz had hoped her sarcastic attitude would push Jake away but it didn’t, if anything it made Jake even more aroused and aggressive than he already was.

Jake grabbed Liz’s hand and immediately led her out of the gym. He had Liz climbed into his car as he quickly drove her back to his small apartment just a few miles from the gym. Liz was shock and stunned but also extremely aroused as she couldn’t believe what she was about to do.

Once at his apartment Jake said to her, “Ok baby! Show me what you got! I want you to strip right here in the living room for me!”

Liz stood there in shock as she said to him, “You want to see me naked! You want to fuck me hard! Is that what you want you cocky sob?”

“Oh’ yeah baby! I am going to fuck you so hard your tight little pussy will be sore for days to come,” Jake said back to her.

“Fuck you!” Liz shouted back at him.

“Come on show me what you got! You know you want me to fuck you!” Jake said back to her.

Liz knew he was right as she slowly began to remove her clothes right there on the spot in front of Jake. The arousal she had felt was quickly turning her into a sexual monster as she wanted Jake’s big cock in a real bad way. She stared him down as she quickly had gotten down to just her bra and thong panties.

Liz then stopped removing her clothes and said, “You want to see more? You want to see my tits?”

“Oh’ yes! Take off that bra and show me those beautiful tits of yours,” Jake demanded.

A few seconds later Liz undid her bra and held her hands over each of her gorgeous tits. She then said to him, “You want to see my tits?”

“Fucking right I do!” Jake called out.

Liz now removed her hands from her tits as Jake got an eyeful of them. They were perfectly shaped as they stood straight out from her Liz’s lovely body. Liz was so aroused that her nipples were extremely hard as they jetted straight out.

Liz then sarcastically said,” You want to see my ass?”

“Oh’ yes I do! Show me that beautiful ass of yours,” Jake said.

Liz now spun around as Jake got a close up view of Liz’s beautiful ass. She teased him as she slowly shook her ass right at him. Jake now seen how beautiful Liz’s ass was as her thong rode tightly up the crack of her butt. Jake’s cock was quite noticeable now as his big cock protruded several inches through his thin shorts.

Liz now bent slightly over in front of Jake and grabbed each side of her thong panties. She slowly began to pull the small straps on her thong slowly down her legs as her thong panties began to tumble down the crack of her ass. Just seconds later her panties were now wrapped down around her ankles as she had bent herself completely over right in front of him. Jake was extremely aroused as he stared right at it.

He then said, “Oh’ fuck that is a gorgeous looking ass!”

A few seconds later Jake said to Liz, “I had never fucked a redhead before. I wonder if it is true about redheads being very wild in bed.”

Jake now wanted to see even more of Liz as he said to her, “I want to see you grab your ass with both hands and pull your ass cheeks apart!”

Liz was extremely aroused now as she reached back and grabbed tightly onto the cheeks of her gorgeous ass. She then began to pull the cheeks of her ass wide apart as Jake got a good look at her pussy and asshole.

A few seconds later Jake said to Liz, “I want you to get on your knees and suck my big cock!”

Liz turned toward Jake and slid down onto her knees in front of him. She latched onto his shorts and slowly began to pull them down over top of his huge cock. Jake’s cock throbbed with excitement as he quickly rammed his big cock right into Liz’s mouth. He began to fuck Liz’s mouth hard with his cock as he moaned out, “Suck it baby! Suck it hard! Damn you sure know how to suck cock!”

It had been just a few minutes later and Jake was now ramming his big cock deeply into Liz’s mouth. The sound of Liz gagging on his big cock could be heard throughout the apartment as Jake rammed several inches of his big cock down Liz’s throat. Jake even deep throated Liz several times as he pushed his whole cock into Liz’s mouth.

Jake now wanted to fuck Liz badly. He remembered how sassy and sarcastic Liz was a short while ago as it only added to the excitement of fucking her good and hard. He quickly brought Liz into his bedroom and tossed her down onto his bed. He then knelt in between her legs as he pushed her legs back toward her chest. The lips of her pussy throbbed with excitement as moisture could easily be seen dripping from them.

Jake then said to Liz, “You want me to fuck you baby! Tell me! I want you to say how much you want me to fuck you!”

“Oh’ god! Fuck me! Please fuck me Jake! I want your twenty year old big cock deep inside my wet pussy. I want you to fuck me good and hard with that big cock!” Liz cried out.

Jake now teased Liz for a good few minutes as he ran his big cock over the lips of Liz’s swollen pussy. Liz began to cry out even more now, “Oh’ god! Oh’ god! Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Jake once again said, “You want it baby! I am going fuck you so hard that you will want it again and again!”

Jake then plunged his big hard cock into Liz’s wet pussy. Liz immediately cried out, “Oh’ god it is so big!”

Jake quickly began to pound his big cock into Liz as she laid there moaning out on the bed. It had been only five minutes later and Liz was already close to a powerful orgasm. Her body began to gyrate on the bed while her breathing had picked up significantly. She started to cry out, “Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock!”

A few seconds later Liz screamed out into a very powerful orgasm on Jake’s big cock. Her orgasm was so powerful her body shook and trembled for several minutes after that as Jake continued to pound his big cock into her. A few minutes later as she once again felt a powerful orgasm to begin to engulf her.

Jake moaned out, “You like baby! You want to cum again on my big cock!”

“Yes! Yes! I want to cum again!” Liz blurted out.

A minute or so later Liz once again screamed out into another very intense orgasm on Jake’s cock. She had never in her life cum this quick and as hard as she did with Jake on this given day. Jake gave Liz no time to recoup as he immediately turned her over onto all fours. He quickly and energetically rammed his big cock back into her from behind.

Liz now felt Jake’s cock splitting her into two as he pushed several inches of it deep into her already worn out pussy. His cock was now hitting spots inside her pussy that had never been hit before. Jake fucked Liz hard for several more minutes as Liz once again screamed out into another very intense orgasm. Her body could only take so much as Jake continued to pummel her with his cock. A few minutes later she no longer could take anymore as her body had fallen flat onto the bed with Jake’s big cock still lodged inside her pussy.

Jake now lay on top of Liz as he continued to ram his cock deeply into her.

He continued to shout out to Liz, “Do you like my big cock baby? Maybe you like for me to put it inside your ass!”

Liz continued to moan out loudly as Jake quickly pulled his big cock out of her pussy. Liz now felt the head of Jake’s big cock up against her asshole as Jake held her body tightly down onto the bed. A few seconds later Liz felt a shot of enormous pain as Jake pushed the head of his cock right into her asshole. She began to scream out loudly as Jake began to work several inches of his big manhood deep into her ass.

It had been several minutes later and Liz felt an enormous orgasm building inside her. She began to cry out, “Oh’ god! Oh’ god! Fuck me in the ass you bastard!”

A few seconds later Liz screamed out into a huge orgasm as her body squirmed hard underneath’s Jake’s. Jake gave Liz’s ass several more hard thrust’s with his big cock before finally pulling it out of her ass.

Liz now lay on Jake’s bed memorized and completely out of it, but still Jake wasn’t done with her just yet. He once again turned her over onto her back as he quickly pounced back on top of her. He then pushed his big cock back into her worn out pussy as Liz once again screamed out in pleasure.

“Tell me how much you like my cock bitch! Tell me! I want to hear you say fuck me!” Jake shouted out to her.

“Omg! Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Liz cried out.

“You want to cum again baby?” Jake then asked.

“Oh’ god yes! Please make me cum again!” Liz moaned out.

Jake now began to fuck Liz hard on the bed as he gave it all he had. It had been just a few minutes later and Liz was close to cumming again. Her moans had filled the small bedroom room as she cried out in pure pleasure, “Fuck me! Fuck me Jake!”

“That’s it baby I want to hear you call out my name!” Jake quickly said.

“Fuck me Jake! Fuck me with your big fucking cock!” Liz screamed out.

Jake fucked Liz for several more minutes as his orgasm began to build.

“Oh’ fuck baby! You are going to make me fucking cum! You want me to cum inside you?” Jake shouted out.

“No! No! Please not inside me! You can cum anywhere on my body but not inside me!” Liz quickly said to him.

A few minutes later Jake pulled his throbbing cock out of Liz’s pussy. He quickly straddled himself up over top of her face as he said, “I am going to fucking cum all over your beautiful face baby! Open your mouth!”

Liz exhausted began to slowly open up her mouth as Jake’s cock stood only inches from it. Then a few seconds later Jake grunted out loudly as Liz felt several hard streams of cum hit her in the face and mouth. Jake had managed to shoot half of his big load right into Liz’s open mouth as she lay there barely able to speak or move.

Jake was now finished with her as it took Liz several minutes to finally regain her composure. She gently tried to clean up as Jake’s cum had consumed her face and hair. She tried in vain to spit out whatever cum was still left in her mouth but Jake had managed to shoot several streams of his cum down her throat.

Jake went on to fuck Liz several more times after that until he had finally got tired of her. Liz up to the point of meeting Jake for the first time never imagine on becoming the milf that she had become.

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