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Only a couple of drinks in me so far, my sexual appetite becoming brave and unruly.

I was out for a drink with a male friend of mine.

We usually went out for drinks at least once a week, and for some reason the small minded people in this town, couldn’t quite get their heads around the fact that man and woman can be great friends without fucking one another. I was talking to a couple of strangers, well brothers actually. Clive was the youngest at 30, and his brother John 37. They were both very sexy indeed. Don’t ask me how the conversation turned to one of sex, if I’m honest it was probably me, I did that without even realising, at times. When the conversation turned to “What got us going? I don’t think even I realised just how honest, I was going to be, and I could tell by their faces that they weren’t expecting it when I said that what I really wanted, was to be fisted. It took me at least 30 seconds to answer their question, and when you know the answer instantly, that’s a long time. My bluntness and the effect it has on people pleases me in some strange way.   The conversation took a turn onto a straight and narrow street, myself, my friend, John and Clive enjoyed our separate evenings. The only thing I felt compelled to add, before we returned to our own tables, was that I wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath my dark green dress.   The evening was coming to an end and quite a few drinks later. I bumped into the brothers. My friend was busy chatting elsewhere, and I drunkenly, invited them both back to my house for drinks. I knew instantly, that this was a move on my part that was going to change the evening into one that I was perhaps, unsure of.   We walked the short distance to my house laughing along the way. When we arrived I got us some beers and we sat around listening to music and smoking some ciggies. The conversation was about the fact that theses guys were in relationships that had turned stale sexually. My input was that they obviously picked the wrong women!     I don’t know how it happened exactly but suddenly myself, and Clive were kissing. It was slow and gentle. I loved kissing him, as our mouths fit together so well. As we were enjoying our first delicate kiss, I felt hands on my hair from behind, and then a mouth on my neck. ‘John’s mouth’ on my neck. “Whooooaaahhh” I thought, panicking a bit. Sensing my panic, John paused his kissing and whispered in my ear “It’s okay just enjoy it” I’d come this far and I wasn’t about the back out, this was after all my ultimate fantasy.           Deciding to go with the flow, made me instantly horny and I gasped under their kisses. Clives hands were on my face, feeling the fullness of my lips, the softness of my skin, the way my top lip juts out cutely. John had my hair in his hand, and was touching my neck with his fingertips. No words spoken.   They raised my dress over my head so that I was sat there between them wearing just a pair of black knee high boots, I felt incredibly sexy under their gazes. Clive took one hand and John the other, and they led me upstairs to my bedroom. Laying me on my king size bed they both perched either side of me.   They mirrored each other’s movements and when Clive on my right gently stroked my breast, John on my left, did the same. I had to keep my eyes open to see myself being touched by two men, the mirror on the ceiling above my bed giving me full access. “Get undressed” I said to both of them and they stripped to nothing. Their cocks were already hard and both of them huge, I felt a little intimidated but also very excited. Back on the bed they stroked me from my breasts right down to my toes, tormenting me by deliberately, avoiding my pussy. They stroked my inner thighs in unison but just when I thought they would touch me where I was desperate to be touched, their hands moved away. I wanted to beg them. My pussy was aching and I was sopping wet, I needed so badly to be touched. Slowly they slid down the bed. I watched them in the mirror above me, as they stopped either side of my legs. Gently they eased my legs wider and then they began.   Together they softly parted my pussy lips, “My god, she’s wet” one of them said, spreading my pussy wide, their fingers slid into me. I moaned instantly, the feel of it, and the exquisite sight of two guys fingering my cunt. Their fingers wet with my juices rubbing against each other. John pulled my pussy tight with his fingers while Clive circle my clit with his thumb, “Oh god yes” I moaned feverishly as they probed and fingered me. It wasn’t long before fingers were holding my cunt open. John telling Clive “look at her, Look at her fucking horny pussy” fingers delving in for exploration. Then their mouths were on me, their tongues flicking my clit in turn. I wondered how they must have felt to be watching each other at work, their tongues so close together. Then I felt two tongues on my pussy together, and that and the image above me was too much to bare, I cried out gripping both of their heads as I came very noisily into their hungry mouths. They guzzled every last drop of my cum. I was ready for more. Feeling wild now and brave with it. I wanted to suck their cocks. I wanted to be a whore for them. My ultimate fantasy was unfolding before me, and I was going to enjoy every second of it.   I got on my knees on the floor, and looking up at them with their cocks in front of my face. “Eeenie meenie minie mo” I said and grinned. I took both of them in my hands and brought them closer together. I used my tongue on them teasingly. I imagined what I must look like. and the image made me crazy for them both. I sucked both cocks one at a time deep into my throat. They were very vocal. “You sure do know how to please” Clive said, obviously my mouth was full, so I didn’t reply. I sucked them hard and fast until almost simultaneously they came lots and lots, some in my mouth some on my face. “Wow” they said as I was licking my lips. I was pleased with my efforts. We all got back on the bed. We shared a cigarette between us, which was quite symbolic I silently thought. I was feeling very much in need of some cock now, and unsure who, to take first, I played with myself, my eyes closed, mouth slightly open. John was first to respond. “Let me help you with that” he said, and I smiled. Seeing his cock was hard again, “let me sit on your cock” I said and he rolled onto his back. Clive was watching intently as I enjoyed my first cock of the evening. My pussy was still wet, and I slid onto Johns cock easily. “Oh yeah” I gasped as I took the length of him deep into me. His thick cock filled my pussy nicely and I rode him hard my breasts bouncing for England. Clives cock was hard now too. When he stood up and climbed on the bed behind me, I froze because I knew what was coming. “It’s okay” he said, “You’re going to love it” I knew I would too, I had always fantasised about getting fucked by two men at once. I looked up at the ceiling, the view above me was amazing. Clives cock touched my ass and I flinched. “I’m gonna fuck you, I know you want it” he said, and with that he pushed his cock into my tight ass. It hurt, but the fact that I had two cocks inside me excited me so much, that I begged “Fuck me, Both of you fuck me” They did just that, the pair of them, as deep inside me as they could get, one in my pussy, one in my ass. It felt so good and I wondered whether they could feel each other. Before I knew it we had changed position, I was upright on my knees, legs spread, being fucked, back and front. I moaned continually throughout. All three of us watched ourselves, urged on by how good we looked, they both held me tight as I cried out “Fuckkkkkkkk I’m coming” “Fuck!!!!!!!” The muscles in my pussy, and my ass, contracted and spasmed and in seconds Clive and John were filling both my holes with cum. I felt so dirty, and fucking horny, at the same time. Nothing could beat this feeling. We collapsed on the bed holding one another. It was a sweet moment, considering how un-sweet the whole situation was. We smoked a cigarette each, this time, and I lay there reflecting on what had happened, I felt like the horniest bitch alive. We chatted openly about the evening, we chatted easily actually! John whispered something to Clive and I feigned being cross though laughing I was a bit mithed about what he had to say that I wasn’t allowed to hear. Then they pounced. They actually made me jump and I wondered what they were doing. They both smiled which reassured me a bit, then they spread my legs wide. Clive looked up and said with a grin “Did the lady order a fisting?” They had remembered my comment from earlier. I squirmed a little, not really used to fisting, not really feeling ready. “Who do you want first?” Clive, said. I could barely speak. “I don’t mind” I said shakily. “Who has the smallest hands?” I laughed perhaps a little nervously. They put their hands together and decided that Clive had the smaller hands fractionally. “Lay back and enjoy” they said, sensing I was nervous. I laid back and looked up at my reflection, Here I lay, legs spread, two guys looking at my bare pussy which was already leaking their cum. Then it began. “You’re nice and wet” I heard as I felt my pussy begin to fill up with fingers, enjoying it more with every additional finger. John watched and encouraged. Clives thumb joined his fingers, and he began pushing. My pussy, as wet as it was resisted him. John helped by spreading my legs wider. It didn’t sting but as I started to feel myself stretch, I worried that he might tear me. Finally, my pussy swallowed his knuckles and the widest part of his hand, he pushed one last time, filling me inside up to his wrist. “Fuck, that looks so good” said John, and Clive twisted his hand. Every movement he made so big inside me, he made a fist inside my stretched pussy and began thrusting. I cried out in a mixture of pleasure and apprehension. He became frenzied and my orgasm took me by surprise. “Holy fuck” Yessssssssssss” I cried. He wrenched his fist from my pussy and shoved it straight back in. The intensity was like nothing else. I soaked him and the bed beneath me. “My turn” John said, and I have to admit that I thought to myself, “I can’t take anymore!” I didn’t say it though, and Johns hand replaced Clives, bigger and less gently. I was stretched further. Clive wanked hot cum over my face, he called me a “fucking whore” I really liked it. John fisted my cunt like a pro and I came again while he wanked over my entirely full pussy. We were all totally spent, and I knew that tomorrow it was really going to hurt. We slept, me in the middle. Arms wrapped tightly around me. Sighs of satisfaction as we drifted off.

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