A pleasure model. Becky had been thinking about getting one for awhile. More and more people had been talking about them lately and at first she had thought it was a joke. But she soon realized after meeting a few of them at parties and dinners that they were the real deal. They weren’t run-of-the-mill bots like the line they had rolled out a few years back.

These particular models were part human. Their bodies were completely life-like, slight flaws and everything. Their eyes showed intelligence and understanding, and according to the brochures, they were highly trainable and displayed cognitive ability to learn and be challenged. Being pleasure models, they not only were programmed to know how to give, but also to receive and feel pleasure.
Pleasure. It had been a long time since she had felt it. She had a few one night stands, but they weren’t memorable. They were just brief moments in time. When her lover, Georgia, died over 3 years ago, her whole world had stopped spinning. She had never felt as crushed, as unable to breathe, as in that moment when the police had come to her door. 3 long years.

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