My Shannon

I flicked off the high beams as the only car we saw for almost an hour was approaching in the opposite lane. As the vehicle drew nearer, my car was filled with bright white light. Looking to the side of the road as a reference, I saw Shannon asleep, head against the door, legs pulled close to her body on the seat. The white light pouring through the windshield made her slightly pale face shine in an almost angelic way. The intrusion of light also illuminated her white panties under her skirt. I could still see a couple wet spots from my juices seeping out. The corners of my mouth rose to a thin smile as I thought about how this girl is the love of my life. I was tired from driving for the last few hours, and I was a little scared about our uncertain future. Yet this beautiful girl laid still next to me, glowing as if she were an apparition from a dream, a dream that for me had finally come true.

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