Tight as a Glove

‘Good to see you so thoroughly ravished,’ a deep voice chimes as I walk out of the chamber. I look at Whitey’s grin before glancing at my dress, my wrinkled, cum-soaked, ripped strap blue dress. I smile sheepishly before stretching lightly.

‘Yeah well it was a good adventure,’ I murmur as I watch his eyes change from content to lustful. He reaches a hand out for me and instantly I go over to him, desire stirring inside of me as well, surprisingly. He takes my hand and leads me to a corner of the hall where a claw-footed bathtub resides, filled with steamy hot water and big enough for two. Whitey slips me out of my damaged dress and lifts me gently into the tub before stepping out of his jeans and straight into the water.

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