Teenage Boys

Owen was masturbating. He was a cute sixteen year old tenth grade boy with a muscular build, blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. After a long day of school there was nothing more that he enjoyed than a nice masturbation session.

He was sprawled across his bead naked and jacking off to the porn site on his laptop. He was home alone and he loved the feeling of jacking off with all the doors and windows open.

As he continued to jack off and the closer he got to cumming his strokes became increasingly faster. He started moaning as he continued to jack off. Finally as he was reaching his orgasm his cock began to throb and spurt cum everywhere.

‘Fuck!’ he said as cum flew all across his body and his bed. After he was done he ran his fingers across his smooth body and gently put some of his cum in his mouth. He loved the taste of the cum in his mouth and soon began to finish the rest off. After his joyful masturbation session he decided to go for a shower to clean off.

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