Squirting Pleasure!!

This story was something my partner wrote after our incredible night! Enjoy!’

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting somebody for some adult fun. Her and I have had a few wonderful encounters but nothing like this night. It started off very casual with some kissing and moved very quickly from there. Before to long I was going down on her sweet pussy, showing her just how talented my tongue was. Before to long, she had her first orgasm of the night. But being a person who enjoys giving oral sex as much as I do, I kept going. Shortly after that orgasm, here comes orgasm number 2. This was a stronger orgasm as it made her arch her back and clamp her legs around my head. I was really getting into it and she tasted sooo good and was very wet….but…I kept going. within seconds of her second orgasm she arched her back and really tightened up and to my pleasure a warm gush of fluid came rushing from her pussy. Instantly, I knew what was going on and I enjoyed every drop and just as the first wave finished here comes another one. It was incredible and I really enjoyed it. But I continued the lash her wet pussy with my tongue and was quickly rewarded with another orgasm, and then another orgasm. She was squirming and panting with pleasure, and I certainly was enjoying myself. I was just about to finish with my oral exam of her pussy when she drenched me again squirting 2 more times. She needed a little break so she began sucking my very hard throbbing cock. After a few minutes she decided she was ready for some more action. She slid down on my hard cock and just started riding me. It was incredible the way she moved up and down every inch of my shaft. After a few minutes of intense grinding she arched her back again with an orgasm. But that wasn’t all, she was squirting again and this time it was like a volcano erupting. It was running out of her and down my cock. It was absoulutly amazing and incredible. When it was all said and done, she had orgasmed 5 times and squirted 5 times (something she said had never happened before. This was a night I will never forget and I don’t think she will either.

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