Public Exposure

Since my last series was fantasy, and I couldn’t decide on a new theme yet, I decided to just write a few of my own true experiences.

About two years ago I decided to fulfill some fantasies and adverstised on a casual sex web site for couples looking for a bi male. One of the first I met was a couple from out of town here on business. They weren’t really a couple, but a gay guy and his straight girlfriend who liked to watch each other play. They proposed meeting at their hotel pool and all of us gettting in the hot tub to get to know one another. He was a good looking big guy around 30 yrs old with a football player build and blonde hair. She was around 25, thin, shoulder length brown hair and looked smokin’ in her bikini. It was a perfect night, a little cool so the hot tub felt great and we talked a while and drank a few beers. The last time he got out to get a beer he got back in and sat right next to me. Almost immediately his hand was under the water and rubbing my cock through my bathing suit. I started to get hard and do the same to him and he could feel me getting hard and commented to his girlfriend that he was happy with what he found. He started to pull my suit down and quickly got it to my knees but still under the water. He was jerking me off telling his girlfriend how big I was and she wanted to see. So I lifted my waist above the water so my cock was fully exposed to her in the cool night air. Her eyes widened and she got a sexy smile on her face while her hand went under the water and into her bikini bottom. He jerked me a few times above the water before I descended below the water again. She was rubbing her pussy now under the water and her tits above the water while he and I rubbed each other and watched her. I was also looking around at all the hotel room windows that faced us to make sure no guests were watching. The risk of getting caught in that position though was a big turn on. She finally started moving around the tub to get closer to us and when she did she pulled her bikini top down below her tits and started rubbing her hard nipples for us. She wanted to see more so I once again rose up above the water so she could see my hard cock. He started to jerk it again then leaned over and licked the head of my cock before taking it all in his mouth. She was watching him give me a blowjob in public and rubbing herself. Then she leaned back and threw one leg out of the tub. She turned toward the wall and pulled her bikini bottom to the side so the hot tub jet could hit her directly on the pussy. I was watching him go down on me and watching her get off on her liquid vibrator. She started panting and whimpering and was rubbing her clit fast under the water when she came. I was still jerking his cock under the water while he sucked mine above it. I knew I was close so I took one more look around at all the windows facing us and then shot my load into his throat. He swallowed it all while she looked on still rubbing herself. I collapsed back under the water after I came and she straightened and put her bikini top back over her tits. We were all still catching our breath when we heard the gate open and several college age k**s came into the pool area to swim. I still had my suit around my knees so I pulled it up quickly and we all acted normal. Shortly after we got out, toweled off and I left them for the night.

That was the only time I saw them but they were a lot of fun. I’ve met several couples over the last couple years and will write a few stories on those experiences as well. I was reminded to write of this because of the upcoming Daytona 500 race, this occured at a hotel just a couple blocks from the Daytona Speedway. Thanks for reading.

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