I was driving back from the airport, 2:30am, nothing on the road, a quiet B road that I knew very well and had driving on this road hundreds of times, the night was clear, warm, and I was doing 80mph. When suddenly out of nowhere a cop car appeared, behind me with his lights flashing, ‘fucking hell’ I thought as I signalled to pull over.

As the car came to a stop I noticed we were in a lay by he got out of his car and approached me, I already had the window down when he asked me the usual questions about did I know the speed limit, etc. After I’d answered everything he asked me to accompany him to his car. As I sat on the back seat he breathalysed me which was nil and then he d**g tested me which was nil again.

Then he said “I’m limited to what I can do” and I replied “I know as you’re on your own” and he knew that I knew, but I can give you a speeding ticket as I have you on camera. ‘Fucking hell’ I thought that’s penalty points, “We can sort this out” I said “And how do you suggest we do that” he asked, “Turn your camera off and I’ll show you”, he switched the camera off and then said “well”.

He was sat next to me and I put my hand on his knee he turned to face me and said “Ok”, we faced each other as he shut the door and turned the interior light out. My hand moved further up his thigh as he leaned over towards me, he brushed my lips with his as my hand was caressing his inner thigh, his legs were parted.

As we kissed tenderly his hand was touching my neck as my hand moved further up and was soon rubbing his bulge. “I’ve never felt so turned on before” he whispered, his lips moved to my neck as he placed his hand on my thigh, and in minutes we were touching each other on the cramped back seat of the squad car.

“I don’t have long before I have to report in” he spoke softly, “Do you want a quick one then” he thought a second and said “Yes”, as he unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down to just above his knee, his cock was hard and protruding upwards, my hand roamed over him and he sighed. His hand was still rubbing me.

“Sit up” I said as he did my hand was still rubbing him, I slipped down his underpants and his cock looked about 5”, but 5” is better than 6 penalty points. I clenched my fist around his wood and as I gently tugged him he sighed, a couple more pulls and he was moving his hips in time with my rhythmic jerking.

I bent forward and in pulling back his foreskin licked his helmet he groaned louder and his hand wandered onto the back of my head as he tried to push my face downwards. I built up speed and wanked him faster but not too fast just a nice respectful pace, as I licked him also. I could tell by his breathing he was close to orgasm so I slowed down slightly and he prodded up to me.

Pulling back his foreskin I licked all round his helmet then down his shaft, over his balls, and then back all the time squeezing his cock, all to prolong his cumming time, his hand was still holding the back of my head as he sighed. I felt his cock twitch as I engulfed him with my mouth as I dipped my tongue into his japs eye, I knew the next motion would be his last.

Using my lips to symbolise my clenched fist I sucked up and down his shaft as he groaned, licking and slurping he thrusted, then I moved away and slipped my hand over him, pulling back his skin back and using my tongue to its best I built up the speed of a wank as I tossed him off into my waiting open mouth, he swore loudly as his salty seed filled my mouth.

Pints no gallons seemed to slosh down my throat, but swallow it all I did as he thrusted away. In only a few seconds he was going limp as I continued to suck him dry. He sat there out of breath and smiling he said “I don’t think there’ll be and charge tonight” “Thankyou Officer” I replied, I opened the door and left him sat in the back doing up his pants.

As I sat in my own car, complete with a hard on, having a cigarette, he drove past and waved at me. Did I just do that to save penalty points on my license I thought.

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