Money buys everything

Introduction: For money, a mother agrees to lead her son into having sex with her, to satisfy her boss dark desire to watch incestuous sex before his eyes. But is it really only for money? The moment Audrey finally parked her car in front of Carls house, her whole body shivered. That was her last chance to change her mind. If she rang the doorbell and entered his place, would be too late.

She looked at the rear view mirror inside her car. Alex, her son, was peacefully playing with his portable video game. He was so innocent, oblivious to what his mother was about to do. Unaware his mother intended to corrupt him. Audrey remembered Carls proposition and shivered again. Was she really willing to go that far?

Her life, and her sons too, certainly improved in the last 10 months, thanks to Carls generosity. It seemed like ages passed since she was just one of his employees, and had a lot of trouble paying her bills. Till the fateful day her boss offered her a new job.

He was a very busy man, and as such, he didnt want to invest time in a normal relationship. But he had needs like anybody else, so he usually looked for high profile prostitutes to satisfy those needs.

But now he wanted more. He wanted exclusivity, a prostitute of his own. And yet, it seemed pointless to just propose something like that to an experienced prostitute. He wanted fresh merchandise. And then he laid his eyes on Audrey.

A good worker in his company, she was taller than Carl, almost 1.80m opposed to his 1.71m, something he really enjoyed in his whores, he always appreciated dominating women taller than him. She was cute and had a hot body, her pale skin had a nice contrast compared to her long, dark hair, and a pair of blue eyes adorning her angelic face. Her long, slick legs were hypnotic, he enjoyed watching her with a short skirt.

A quick background check and Audrey became a good candidate for his wicked plan. Loving mother of an young boy, she became a widow recently. With no previous professional experience and an unfinished education, Audrey was drowning in a sea of problems.

She had to sell their house and car, and was living in a tiny, rented apartment in an ugly part of town. And even so, barely could pay for her bills with her job. It doesnt take a genius to realize she needed the money, but how far would she be willing to go to improve her life? Thats what Carl wanted to find out.

Its quite easy for a boss to create a situation to keep a single employee till late at work, and thats what Carl did. When he was finally alone with Audrey, he called her over his office, and asked her if she was interested in a promotion.

A promotion? Yes, very much!, she answered gleefully. But before telling her what would her new duties be, he offered her a check filled with enough digits to numb her mind.

That will be your new payment of you agree on your promotion

Wow… sir… receiving this amount every month would certainly help me

Monthly? No… youll get it weekly if you agree

Wow… thank you!. She wouldnt be able to hide how happy she was, even if she tried. She would have the best salary in the whole company. What will my new job be, and when do I start?

Carl smiled, and slowly detailed her new job. His private whore. She had to be available sexually to him anytime he wanted (obviously discarding those womanly days), and to whoever he wanted to. Nothing else. Her old duties would largely remain the same, except with the help of a new assistant, hired by herself, to ensure her work wouldnt stall due to her new, main occupation.

Audreys happy expression disappeared in an instant. Heart broken, soul torn apart. Her current situation was terrible for her beloved son, he was suffering so much, having a hard time to adapt to his new, poor lifestyle. He was used to a very comfortable life provided by his daddy, but now he was gone, and his mother wasnt nearly a capable of making money as her deceased husband was.

That money would mean a nice, welcome improvement, and maybe Alex would be able to smile again. But wasnt the price too high? Selling her own body, becoming a prostitute to provide for her crumbling family, that idea was making her head spin, she felt dizzy and sick.

Yet, Audrey knew like she had no real choice. Carl promised that, if she didnt agree, nothing would change. Her job was safe. But that wasnt entirely true. Something very important would change. From now on, anytime she looked at her son crying because he still couldnt adapt to his new life, she would feel guilty, because she had the opportunity to change that, and refused because of her moral beliefs.

A mothers priority must be her sons happiness, not matter what.

One final thing, Carl added, watching the stunned woman in front of him. I need an answer now, because, answering your last question, youll start right away

With teary eyes, Audrey nodded.

Sensing the womans hesitation, Carl turned his chair slowly to his left, slightly opening his legs. He decided to make things easy for her.

You dont have to answer with words, Audrey. If you want to keep that check, all you have to do is come here and kneel before me. Otherwise, leave the check in my table, and leave

She was humiliated. It all looked like a bad dream, a nightmare that started the night her husband died. Trembling, Audrey stood up. Holding the check with both hands, she looked at it again. She really needed the money.

For a second, Carl believe he failed. Audrey moved towards his desk, and carefully left the check on it. She had misery in her eyes, a defeated look that increased Carls excitation. Then she started to walk towards him, slowly, each step weighing a ton, her heart beating so strongly, hands visibly shaking. Carls hard on was very visible through his pants.

Then, standing right in front of him, she barely could see him, her eyes filled with tears. And slowly begun to kneel.

Wait, he said. Get up… first, I want you to remove your clothes.

Humiliated, Audrey complied. That night, she lost her second virginity, and became a complete whore. Carl enjoyed watching her performing a slow, deep blowjob, then fucked her in every way. At first she was limp, like a doll, just letting her boss use her body, rape her for money. He came the first time that night when he saw tears rolling down her cheeks while she grunted, feeling him forcing her to keep her legs opened while he buried his cock deep in her pussy.

It all seemed so long ago. She was a very different woman now. She got used to her new job. She learned to enjoy it too. Her mind gradually switched from shame and humiliation to fun and joy. It was only sex, after all. She became comfortable so fast and so easy with her new life, she wondered if she was a natural prostitute. That thought scared and turned her on at the same time.

Those last 10 months were a fun ride. Now she could afford a good education for her son, and a better place for them to live. She could buy him neat toys again. Every time he smiled, she realized whoring herself was well worth it. She still had trouble whenever Carl brought a friend or two, but whenever pleasing them felt like a heavy burden, she closed her eyes and remembered her son smiling, while feeling the men drilling all her holes. Yet, life felt good again.

But then things took an unexpected turn. One day, Audrey arrived at work, and saw Carl holding up a picture of her son, a recent picture she had framed and left over her desk.

Your son?, he asked.


Handsome boy. Just as pretty as his momma

Thank you!

Later that day, Audrey was bending over her boss desk, skirt raised and panties lowered, her pussy performing its obligation by enveloping his engorged cock, while she wiggled and moaned. It didnt take long for him to cum.

While cleaning themselves, Carl smiled, and whispered, still breathless.

Youre such a hot bitch… it must be hard for your son to have such a hot mother… I bet he masturbates thinking about you

Dont you dare… to talk like that about him

Its the truth… Im sure he looks at you and wonders if someday hell be able to have a gorgeous woman like you

Thank you, but Im not comfortable to talk about him. Could we please change the subject?

No, we cant. You know you have certain obligations with your son.

It was becoming clear where Carl wanted to go. Stop it, Audrey said, seriously.

Selfish bitch, youll really ignore your sons needs?

Audrey was furious. Not only is wrong for me to think about it, but hes also too young for that

No, it would be wrong to deny your son a good life, specially now that your situation improved

I am giving him a good life, remember? Thats why I became your whore

Thats not enough. Hes obviously already a young men, and its obvious he has other needs. I think you should provide him. Unless you want to cancel our deal

Audrey couldnt believe what she was hearing.

I… uh… what?, she was trembling again. She feared losing her new job.

Exactly what you heard. I want you to stop being selfish, and provide your son a good, luscious body for him to have fun and satisfy his needs.

No, please… dont make me do that. Its wrong.

Wrong? It would be wrong to make the boy suffer. Hell have to wait several years before he can lay his hands on a good girl, but his hormones are there right now. You can ease his suffering, and I want you to

Audrey felt tears building up again.

Please, youre talking about my own son… that is… whats the name… incest! Its so wrong… please, dont make me do that

Carl finished zipping his pants, and sentenced:

Listen to me. Either you show up tomorrow, at 2 p.m. at my place with your boy, ready to teach him all about sex using your own body, or our deal is off.

No… please, no… Ive been a good whore for you, havent I? I let you fuck me whenever you want, your friends, even some of your best clients, dont I? Ive never complained, even when you hurt me, even when you know I dont like anal sex, I let you sodomize me, and still dont complain… but please, I beg you, dont involve my son, hes just a boy

Yes, youve been a good whore for me, and youve been well paid for that. It just doesnt sound fair that so many men get a piece of you, and your son doesnt. If you really love him, you have to put his needs above you

I know, but thats so wrong!

Wrong? Even better. Listen to me… if you think he wont like it, or hell be forced somehow, dont worry, I guarantee you hell have a really good time… once he understands mommy will be his whore too, trust me, hell enjoy the ride

I beg of you, please…

Stop whining. Ill be waiting the two of you tomorrow. You better show up, and ready to love your son in a entirely new way

Oh god…, Audrey couldnt hold the tears anymore. Carl smiled.

Dont worry, youre going to make him the happiest boy ever. Take the rest of the day off, consider my words. If you dont show up there tomorrow, our deal is off, but dont worry, your former job is assured

She was in deep turmoil the rest of the day. She didnt have to go so far. She had saved some money, and with her job assured, she would be able to hold their good life for a couple of months. But after that, the money would end, and all those old problems would be back.

Her sons smile… it brightened her day, and made it all worth it. She couldnt live anymore without his smile. He loved their new house, his new school and his new toys. It would all end. Poverty all over again.

But involving him in her wickedness was too much, wasnt it? Could it be possible hed enjoy having sex with her? Was he really already thinking about sex?

If it meant keeping their good life, and if the boy really enjoyed it, could it really be so wrong? The idea of being naked and having sex with her own son, specially in front of Carl, was troubling her. But if everybody else was having fun, Alex included, it wouldnt be so bad.

She already felt dirty. She had done so many wicked things in the past 10 months, things she never even thought before. Threesomes, foursomes, DP, lesbian, Carl loved forcing her into things he knew she didnt want to do. In the end, she learned to enjoy it all. Maybe would happen the same thing with Alex?

At night, after kissing her son goodnight, she thought about it. Several hours from there, she would be having sex with him, if she agreed with Carls terms.

Audrey wondered… maybe it would be better to prepare him. But how? Talking to him? He probably wouldnt understand. Maybe… showing him some action? No, it would probably scare him.

Wouldnt it? If she undressed and joined Alex in his bed, how scared would he be? Would he enjoy?

It seemed pointless to keep him away from it now. Audrey was sure she was going to accept Carls imposition. But there was something she had to make very clear to him, so she decided to call him.

Good evening, he answered. He sounded busy.

Ive been thinking about our deal. Im in, but I have a condition

Make it quick

If tomorrows he shows some discomfort or distress with your ideas, or if you try to force him into anything, he leaves the deal, forever

Reasonable. But on the other hand, if he shows hes willing to do it, youll have to let him do everything he wants

Audreys whole body trembled.

I agree. But only if he wants to

Dont worry, he will

Do you think I should talk to him tonight? Prepare him for it or something?

No, it must be a good surprise for him


Audrey sounded disappointed. Somewhere deep in her, in a dark place she had no idea existed till now, there was a desire to try something with her boy, and she wanted to do it right that moment.

Ill be waiting for you tomorrow. Two oclock. Dont be late.


After hanging up, Audrey couldnt ignore the wetness between her legs. She tried to resist the urge to do something wicked that night, but failed. Removing her nightgown, she was completely naked. She never walked naked in their home, despite how much she enjoyed it. After all, it wasnt appropriate behavior for a mother to be nude around her son, but since their relationship was about to reach a new, unexpected level, keeping her nudity away from his eyes was utterly pointless.

She walked to his bedroom. He was sleeping, or at least, pretending to be sleeping. Feeling bold, and clearly aroused, she move towards his bed, and kissed his forehead. Her body exhaled sex. He was lying on his side, his face in the very edge of his bed. Being near to her son, totally naked, standing near his face watching him sleep, she realized that since the day he was born, he was never so close to her nude pussy. Realizing he was soon about to be very intimate with the same place he came from aroused Audrey even more.

Audrey moved the closest she could to Alex without touching him. His nose was so close to her pussy it was almost touching her thick, dark pubic hairs. She wanted her son to smell her arousal, and dream about mommys pussy.

Her hand became alive and independent, moving towards her pussy lips. She wasnt comfortable, her legs were slightly bent, but yet, her arousal was so strong an powerful, she started to touch herself. The danger of her boy awakening to he sound of her low gasps and the wet noises her juices were producing between her pussy lips and her fingers were too much. Her arousal build up fast, and she was quickly near orgasm. Gosh, the boy could wake up any second, and once opening his eyes, hed be facing his mothers pussy, so close to his face he could easily lick her.

Imagining him licking her wet pussy was too much, and Audrey had an intense orgasm, holding her breath to prevent any noises, her own body trembling in a pleasure-driven convulsion. She stepped back, and sit in Alexs chair, near his table where he studied and did his homework. She knew she was soaking his chair with her juices, but it didnt matter anymore. Spreading her legs towards the sleeping boy, she desired more, she secretly wished hed wake up and see mommy there, naked, covered in sweat, panting, legs opened, showing mommys pussy to the lucky boy.

She wanted to wake him up, kiss his lips, undress and suck him, then ride her baby boy, feeling his small, erect cock inside her, watching his blissful face while he learns everything about sex with his whore mother.

Audrey almost did it. After all, there was no reason not to, it was going to happen anyway. But she feared Carls reaction, he probably wanted to see the boys first time with her. He was the boss, and if he wanted to see her boy banging mommy for the first time, she had to attend.

She couldnt believe her newly found feelings. She was definitely a natural whore. She was wired to be wicked.

Alex, honey?, Audrey called, looking at him through the rear view mirror.

Yeah mom?, he answered, eyes glued to his portable game.

Honey, were here. She could feel her heart bumping through her chest, drums in her ears. There was still time to give up, to turn back.

But the money was just too good. It has already bought her body, now was going to buy her soul, and she was about to do the unthinkable with her own son.

Audrey left the car and almost pushed the boy. She took his game, turned it off, and put it inside her purse.

Awww, mom, please!

Later, honey… we have a… uh… a very important appointment now

After locking the car, she took the boy in her hands. If you saw them that moment, youd see a loving mother holding her boys hand while walking, guiding and protecting him. Youd never believe it was a mother leading her innocent, unaware son towards the ultimate sin, leading the boy to a place where he was supposed to have sex for the first time with his own mother.

They moved towards Carls front door, and Audrey rang his bell.

If you asked her about her reasons for what she was about to do, she would say Only for the money. A blatant lie.

It would also be a lie if she told you there was no wetness between her legs the moment Carl answered the door, wearing only a thick, brown robe, and a bright smile carved in his face the moment he looked down at Alex.

Hello, little guy… tell me, do you like to have fun?

Yes, he answered gleefully.

Please, come in… were going to have a lot of fun today

After they entered, Carl looked around. Nobody saw them entering his home, good. He made no effort to conceal his raging hard on, raising his robe like a pole, and closed the door.

He had big plans for that hot mother and her cute son.

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