Mature BBW Appreciation

Mature BBW Appreciation

By Geekman

I went to a Tech school instead of the local high school since I wanted to learn electronics. A neighbor was on the board of Ed at the Tech school. When he found out I was attending the Tech school he asked me if I wanted to work for he, and his wife. He explained that he owned several income properties as well as a multi-family house. He stated I would work with him on the weekends and I would work for his wife doing landscaping work at their house. Mr. Smith was what some people would call a Hawk. Mrs. Smith was what most folk would call a Dove, I guess opposites do attract. The Smith’s had two sons one had moved to Canada to avoid the draft and the other was in Leavenworth for desertion. Mr. Smith blamed Mrs. Smith for making the boys sissies as he called them but they would not get a divorce since they were both Catholic. I enjoyed working for Mr. Smith since I learned a lot about houses and business but I especially enjoyed working for Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith was a rather large woman I would guess she weighed about 250 and she had a very magnificent pair of tits 44DD, I knew because I peeked at the label on one of her bras that was hanging on the clothes line.

When Mrs. Smith worked in her garden she wore shorts and a halter top that never quite fit correctly. I would watch her and just loved to see her big ass as she was kneeling down to pull weeds. I would steal glimpses of her massive tits when we sat for ice tea or lemonade. On several occasions, I would borrow a pair of her underwear or a bra from the clothes line and jerk off in the barn thinking of having sex with her. One hot day I had been mowing the lawn while Mrs. Smith was tending to her gardens. After working for several hours, she called and asked me to take a break for ice tea. While we were sitting on the back porch drinking the ice tea she took her glass and ran it across her brow. Then without thinking I guess, she took the glass and ran it across her chest to cool off. Well the cool glass made her nipples stand up and I was just staring since she only had on the halter top with no bra I could see everything. When she realized what I was doing she asked me if I liked what I saw. I nodded yes since I was just awe struck. She asked me if I want to see her breast naked I mumbled ‘yes please’. She removed her top and I just stared as I had never seen a woman’s breast before except in magazines. She pulled her chair closer and took my hands and placed them on both her tits. I just started squeezing them both, she then asked me if I would like to suck on her breasts I nodded my head yes unable to speak. I sucked and started biting her breast she pulled my head away and then explained how to gently suck her breasts and she started moaning softly so I guess I was doing it correctly.

Mrs. Smith then asked me if I had ever had sex with a girl I wanted to say yes but she could tell by my hesitation the answer was no. She wanted to teach me how to make love to a woman the right way. She stated she had not had sex with her husband in five years since her older son had moved to Canada. Mrs. Smith stated we should move to her bedroom as that would much more comfortable then the porch floor. Once in the bedroom she showed me how to delicately remove her clothing and how to remove mine to arouse her further. She stated this was an important part of foreplay and enhanced the sexual experience. After we were both undressed, she stated I needed to stimulate her pussy before we had intercourse. She lies on her back with her legs over the side of the bed and asked me to kneel between her legs and place her legs on my shoulders. She asked me to slowly lick the inside of her legs and work my way up to her pussy and then run my tongue around in circles. After doing that for several minutes she showed me how to find her clit which by this time it was very pronounced she asked me to suck and gently nibble her clit which I did and this caused her to moan even more. She urged me to keep doing this and to slide a couple of fingers into her pussy and gently push them in and out while I was sucking her clit. After several minutes she squeezed my head tight and I felt her have an orgasm. After her first orgasm she asked me to keep playing with her pussy and licking and biting her clit. I did for another ten minutes she then had another orgasm.

She got up and rolled onto her stomach and she gently guided my dick into her pussy. I wanted to start pumping her as hard as I could, but she told me to start slow and wait for her to tell me when to go faster. She stated woman prefer this method over a man that just fucks quickly and is done. I did as I was told and after about five minutes I think she knew I was ready to explode so she asked me to go faster. I had an orgasm like I had never had while playing with myself. She then asked me to pull out and to lie on the bed and she then proceeded to suck my dick and clean off all of our cum. I had a second orgasm while she was cleaning my dick I tried to pull out but she held me and sucked me till I came in her mouth.

After we were done she took me to the shower where she showed me how to sensually wash her and she did the same with me. After that day we had sex nearly once a week as long as Mr. Smith was out of town on business. I continued to have sex with Mrs. Smith through out high school. Her lessons have helped my sex life. I still prefer older and larger woman the best.

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