Author: vijay virat

It was a wonderful evening time,i got invitation from my boss to attend his party along with my wife.The venue of the party was somewhat too dense forest ,in that my boss had a fantastic guest house .After a long time traveled through the car,i reached there.That place was really fabulous.We loved it very much.And then we entered into the party hall,a warm welcome from my boss and his wife.we accepted that they respected talk to us.After that ,I and my wife got separated.I totally forgot my wife because I had been talking to my colleagues very eagerly.
Later I knew that my boss wife was taking care of my wife.And then i got bored due to my little headache.I searched my wife because i don’t know where the medicine was .And I finally found a one room with a silence around that room.somewhat murmuring sound came from a room when i walking through the room.The room was locked.And then ,a little window was placed in that room front side.I just went to that window who was making that noise.And I opened the window,I shocked with my wife and my boss wife.They both were enjoying their body.My wife was kissing my boss wife around her neck.They were making their moaning in front of me.They don’t know ,i was looking their games.

And then ,a hour ago.I had been sitting quietly in my seat.I waiting for my wife.she came back with an unknown girl and she nothing happened to her.we went to the car and then we went out to my boss guesthouse.I asked my wife.How was the party.she immediately replied me,the party was really fantastic.I never been enjoyed this party from my life.I would remember this party a long period.I asked her ,how was my boss wife?She managed to said that answer was,she was so beautiful,gorgeous.I forgotten their sex like a accident.

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