Glory Hole

this one is abit short but I hope you like it

I have always liked to go to boookstores and love the gloryhole idea. I have been going to my favorite adult bookstore for years and always get off on sucking off married guys on their way home from to their wives and k**s.

It was just a normal day and I was in the booth inserting quarters when I heard the door next to my booth open. I waited for him to get situated and drop his quarters and open his pants….they always do. I rubbed my finger along the hole to let him know I was ready, willing and able. He jacked off a little and put his hard 7 inch dick through.

I started my expert sucking and could tell he was enjoying it. He even turned around for a minute or two and gave me a little taste of his hot man ass. I went back to sucking after that. He had such a nice dick I was feeling a little tingle in my ass, I needed a good fuck.

I wanted it bad, I didnt’ know if he would be up for it but I took some spit and lubed up my ass…I stopped sucking and put my ass against the hole. I let it slip in…..and he was all for it. He rammed it into me and didn’t last long…I could feel his jiz shooting in my ass. I know it’s not ‘safe’ but I love the feel of a married guys’ jiz shooting in my ass. After he came he buttoned up quickly and started to leave.

I was done at that point too so we ended up opening our doors at the same time….imagine my suprise to see the guy that just came in my ass was my older, married very straight b*****r. His jaw dropped and so did mine. We walked out to the parking lot and talked a little.

He told me that my ass was amazing and he was NOT gay but didn’t get much sex from his wife and could get off by going to the bookstore and having ‘no strings attached’ sex…just get off and get out. He said he never sucks but just gets sucked…and now fucks.

We have gotten together twice since then, when we are drinking and he can let loose. He never kisses or touches my dick, but he shoots a HUGE load.

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