Dominate BBW Security Gal

I was walking thru the hotel lobby of a local hotel where I was spending the night. A white middle aged bbw security guard stares at me. She is a medium sized with really short dark hair. As I pass she says
Security, Excuse me do I know you?
Me, I said, I don’t think so??
Security, oh, OK….I’m sorry!
Me, Its OK it happens, have a goodnight!
I went out for dinner and I was thinking about her as I was eating. I did remember her messaging me on a popular dating site once. I finished my dinner along with quiet a few beers and I head back to the hotel. I started thinking if I had ever said anything to her I should be embarrassed about as I often did on dating sites to women that I never planned on meeting. I didn’t remember much about our conversations though. Although she wasn’t the type i would date she did have that wild in bed look to her. As I get back to my hotel I bump in to her getting off the elevator only she gets back on…
Security, Do you remember talking to me on the dating site?
Me, Actually I do but i don’t remember what we talked about.
Security, My name is Brenda by the way, and we had some exciting talk.
Me, Really? LOL Yeah it happens.
Brenda, Do you wanna talk?
Me, Well I’m really not looking to date right now.
Brenda, You made that clear before but its cool. I will see ya around!
Me, Goodnight!
I got back to my room and had a few more beers. My phone chimed and it was a message on the dating site. It was Brenda. She said, hey you are hot in person, sure you don’t wanna talk tonight? By now I was buzzed and crazy horny. I sent her my number and said text me. She texted and said….what room are you in? I sent her my room number and was waiting for a reply when I heard a knock on the door. My dick instantly got hard. I opened the door and she walked in.
Brenda, Plug my phone up! its almost dead.
Me, ooh pushy!
Brenda, I’m security what did you expect?
We sat down on the bed and chatted. She told me she was having trouble with some college k**s down stairs and couldn’t stay long. Without warning she grabbed my cock and started rubbing it through my pants.
Brenda, oh I want that cock it is so big, but I have to go. I get off at 6am. I’m gonna knock on your door at 6:30 you better be awake.
Me, I will be you have me horny now.
Brenda, OK ill see ya then
She left. I set my alarm so I would be awake and I went to sl**p. I woke up before my alarm went off and at 6:30 she was knocking on my door. As soon as she came in she pushed her tongue into my mouth and started taking her clothes off. She was naked and laying on my bed while I was still getting naked.
Brenda, Hurry up! I need my pussy ate.
Me, Mmm
I quickly buried my tongue inside her. She had a really fat pussy with large lips. I was sucking on her lips and squeezing the fatty area above her pussy. Licking and biting on her thick thighs.
Brenda, Oh fuck that feels good. finger me!
Me, Mmm OK!
Brenda, Oh yess yesss fist me! please fist me! stretch my pussy.
Me, oh nice!
I had my entire hand inside her except for my thumb which was on her swollen clit.
Brenda, I need you to fuck me now. Fuck me hard. I have been fixed and cant have anymore k**s. You can fuck me raw if you promise to fill me with your cream!
I quickly jammed my cock inside her. Fast hard long strokes. Her pussy was so wet and gaping from me fisting it earlier.
Brenda, Let me up I want to suck the pussy off your fat cock.
She got up and pushed me backwards. She put her sweat covered body into doggy style and in one quick swallow took my cock all the way in! She was taking it all on every stroke.
Me, You must like big cocks?
Brenda, Oh yeah I don’t get them often they are hard to find.
Me, It feels like you have experience
Brenda, Oh I do.
Me, I bet you would like to have a big one in that wet pussy right now huh?
Brenda, I would. Letting you two bounce me back and forth
Me, Mmm damn
Brenda, It wouldn’t be my first time.
Me, I wanna see that!
Brenda, You got a friend?
Me, No LOL
Brenda, damn!
At this point her dirty talk had me so horny I was ready to cum. I put her back in doggystyle and filled her pussy full. My cock was covered and it was dripping out of her stretched pussy.
Brenda, oh fuck yeah I love feeling that warm cum go in!
Me, Oh yeah you whore you needed that didn’t you?
Brenda, I always need cock! Lots of it!
We cleaned up and she left. We texted a few more times but never fucked again.

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