Daddy am I normal?

Introduction: This is complete fiction,and my first story.I wanted to try and expan my writing from just supernatural fiction to sex stories *shrugs* I guess well see how it goes…. I never considered myself an average looking 16 year old.I have long stringy blonde hair,natural inch boobs,58,curvy and always was always horny,I never had a real reason but .He was 36,black hair and muscular.I never thought of my dad(Tyler) in a sexual way,but with him,anything is possible….

I finished changing into my swimsuit as my dad walked in Hey can we talk/ I nodded Mhm I said sitting on my bed and looked at him as he leaned against the wall Are you and Andy okay? I blushed and looked at the floor Yeah,why? Tyler sighed Because I heard weird noises last night and I know he was over.What were you doing last night? I blushed even darker,not ready to tell him I had given my virginity up just last night We were playing video games I answered knowing he knew I was lying.

I watched him walk over to me and sit down next to me Honey,I dont want to make you feel uncomfortable,but dont let him force you into anything you dont want I looked at him I wanted it just as much as he does I whispered.Tyler sighed Were you safe? He asked calmly.I nodded Yes,mom got me birth control to help with my periods Tyler looked at her Thats good to know I swallowed hard and stood up Do you think I look okay? I asked.Tyler tilted his head What do you mean? I looked at him Well I dont think I look I look normal or even okay Tyler shook his head and took her hand Honey you look drop dead gorgeous He said standing up and looked her over

You have an amazing body.Personally if you werent my daughter,Id love to fuck you I blushed heavily but looked at him Whats stopping you? I asked softly as I watched my dads face go from shock to lust in a matter of second Youre my daughter and it would be incest.Its wrong I smirked So,Im not going to tell and I know for a fact you wouldnt

His face was emotionless for a while,no words were said ,which with him means he was thinking hard and was weighing his options.I watched as he put his hands on my waist You wont tell mom when she gets back? I shake my head Of course not I answered.At that point he leaned down and kissed me softly and a little reluctant,as if to test the waters.I kissed him back more lustful then him,knowing thatd tell him it was okay

I felt him pick me up and lay me down on the bed,he reached under me and untied my bikini top,I watched as he pulled it off and threw it in the floor.He pulled his lips away and kiss my neck then suck on my tits.I moaned softly and ran my hands threw is hair.I shook my head.I knew this was so wrong but it felt so good,I wanted more and more.I put my hands on top of his jeans and worked at his button of his jeans

Tyler laughed Impatient? He teased.I shook my head Nope just want to see your cock I answered and pulled them down and gripped his cock and stroked it slowly Mmm so we have about thirty minutes before mom gets back I watched him pull my bikini bottoms down and rub my pussy slowly Hmm then well make this a quickie till next time I nodded and pulled his shirt off and kissed him Mkay I answered and let go of his cock.I pushed him on his back and started to suck his cock deep and long strokes,knowing I was doing good by his groans.I slowly deep throated him then pulled up and started to suck him more and more.I felt his hands on my,pulling me up to me and kissing me lustfully as I felt him do something different and not what I was expecting.

I watched as he sucked on my tits again then without so much as a warning he thrusted his thick and hard cock into my pussy.I gasped and moaned,gripping his shoulder H-how big are you? I asked breathless.He chuckled Eight inches He answered thrusting harder and deeper

I moaned again Mmm I love it I whispered pushing my hips into his and bit my lip hard.He had his eyes closed and I was in heaven,I felt my pussy tightening and gripping his cock it felt good and I wanted more after this.I watched him groan in pleasure Youre so tight He whispered tilting his head and his face became a distorted look of pleasure and amazement.I felt myself starting to cum hard against him when sent him over the edge like he wanted.We moaned loud at the same time and I arched my back in amazement

He laid down heavily next to me breathing heavy Damn He whispered.I nodded I know I said just as breathless .I curled against him and looked at him Definitely a do again I smiled as he chuckled Given,your mom never gives me any,so you will be a good fix I smiled Gladly I answered and closed my eyes.

I had probably fallen asleep because when I woke up my dad was gone and I could hear my mom downstairs talking with him.I stood up and walked into the bathroom taking a shower then got dressed and headed downstairs

I smiled at my mom Howd it go? I asked,I watched as she smiled Same ole same ole.Mrs Johnsons having another baby I gaped Another?!She had like four now five She nodded I know,personally that woman shoulda learned to keep her legs shut tight

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