Cash room Loving

This is my first story. I would like some feedback on it, good or bad is appreciated

This is purely fictional and names are coincidental.
About the Characters:

Steve is an 18 year-old male with an above average cock and is a CSM at a grocery store and a lot of the cashiers that I work with are 18 year-old female cashiers with lovely ass’s and tits.

Kelseyis an 18 year old cashier with 34 B breast and a nice bubble ass. She is also 5 foot 5, weighs about 120 pounds and is a brunette.

I work in the retail business at a grocery store in my hometown which closes and is not 24 hours, like a lot of the competitors. Anyway, at the end of the night, with me being the CSM usually I am stuck counting the cash draws with the associate on that register next to me. I have realized that one of the associates named Kelsey screws up a lot by giving extra change to customers. The penalties of this are termination but I had another punishment in mind.

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