Booty Call

I was away on business last week. It had been a hard week. Work was stressful. School was stressful. I admit I was a bit grumpy after spending 7 days in a swimsuit reading and catching rays. I’d actually not made plans to see anyone the first night I was away. I needed the downtime. I needed to study. I needed to just be alone. I thought.

After a long conference day I went to one of my favorite restaurants alone and sat at the bar. I actually was looking forward to a quiet dinner. Unfortunately, the gentleman beside me wanted to talk. So I listened and had 3 glasses of wine. I resisted his blatant attempts to pick me up but was a bit flattered. I walked (no driving after 3 glasses of wine) back to my hotel and fell asleep on the couch in my suite (you have to love free upgrades when you travel a good bit).

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