Blonde Concepts, Inc.

Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

This story takes place in the fictional town of Chrystal Heights. This is not significant in any way other than I hope to continue creating stories involving this town.

The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

Synopsis: A junior marketing executive accompanies her senior executive peers on a tour of a potential client.


We walked up the steps and watched the doors slide open. As the junior member of the team, I let Jeff, the Executive Director, go first, then Robert, the Projects Coordinator. My title of ‘Assistant to the Director’ dictated that I enter last. We then entered Blonde Concepts, Inc.

The lobby was a collage of spring colors and pastels. Bright flowers and plants were tastefully placed in various corners. Photographs and paintings of numerous women covered the walls, most of them blonde. Well, that was to be expected. The company was called ‘Blonde Concepts’, after all.

A dark-haired woman dressed in snug business attire and a lab coat met us halfway across the floor. She extended her hand to Jeff.

‘Good morning, sir. Welcome to Blonde Concepts. I’m Kelly. I’ll be your guide for the first part of the tour.’ Then she looked at me and paused. ‘Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize you would have a female executive with you.’

I gave her a tight smile. Female executive, indeed. I had worked hard to get where I was in our marketing corporation. I still remembered when Jeff and Robert had tried to make me get their coffee every morning! It took a lot of hard-lining on my part to get them to realize I was not just another pretty face, but I was finally being accepted because of my ability, not my ass.

I took Kelly’s hand and gave it a firm squeeze. ‘Hello, Kelly. I’m Samantha. Assistant to the Director.’

Kelly gave me a bright smile. ‘It’s wonderful that you’re here! It’s mostly men that come through here, and, since most of our products target women, it’s lovely to get a female perspective on things, particularly from our potential marketing company. Welcome! In fact, let me give you a free sample.’

I wanted to refuse, but the last thing I was going to do was embarrass the Director, so I nodded. Kelly slipped a hand into her lab coat pocket and came out with a small spray bottle.

‘This is one of our own scents. It’s called ‘Belief’. It’s designed to interact with your body’s chemistry to produce an overall feeling of well-being,’ she said, giving me several spritzes around my throat and cleavage. ‘It sounds corny, I know, but reviews have been very positive so far.’

Kelly had been a bit heavy-handed with the perfume and it felt like I had a cloud of mist just floating around me, but it was a nice scent of lavender. I could feel it going to my head, but I knew that would pass, and Jeff and Robert seemed pleased that I had cooperated, so I decided that I didn’t mind smelling like I had just walked out of a cathouse.

Kelly looked back at Jeff. ‘Great! Let’s get started.’

Kelly led us through the double doors and down a long hallway. We passed various offices before we stopped in front of a large plate-glass window.

‘As you can see, we’re still setting things up. We’re making good time, however.’ Through the window, we could see what appeared to be a small factory. Several men were wheeling various machines and tanks and containers around on carts. It looked to be very busy.

Jeff and Robert nodded. They seemed suitably impressed. If they were impressed, then BCI must be doing well, so I giggled and nodded as well. Jeff and Robert looked at me, then chuckled. They must have realized I was still feeling a bit light-headed from the perfume.

Kelly led us to a room that seemed to full of refrigerators. As it turned out, that was exactly what they were. Kelly opened one and took out a can of what appeared to be a ten-ounce energy drink. ‘We offer a line of drinks and beverages that contribute to a healthy and active life-style. We don’t have a lot of products in this area yet, but we hope to expand on it soon. This beverage here is called ‘Frequency’. It works in concert with some of our other products.’ She didn’t expound on what she meant by that, but rather just opened the can and handed it to me. ‘You look a bit peaked, Samantha. Why don’t you try it and tell us what you think. Your opinion is valuable to us.’

Now that she mentioned it, I did feel a bit peaked, and a drink was just what I needed. I tipped the can and drank the beverage straight down. I tasted the flavor of wildberries on my tongue, if a bit bland. It was alright, although nothing special, and I told Kelly as much.

Kelly nodded and made some notes on a clipboard she had picked up. Then she looked back up. ‘Thank you, Samantha. Every opinion counts. Now, if you all will follow me…’

Jeff and Robert followed Kelly immediately, and I filed directly behind them. The perfume had made my mind slightly foggy, and I felt like I was moving through a lavender cloud. From back here, however, I realized with a giggle that Jeff and Robert actually had cute asses.

We entered into a room that had a display of different types of make-up arranged on various tables. Kelly stopped and turned around, explaining, ‘This is our cosmetics display. It’s not set up yet, obviously, but in the future we hope for this to be a much more complex arrangement. Obviously, as our potential marketers, this is where you would come in. Cosmetics is likely to be our bread-and-butter, and this will be very important.’

Jeff and Robert nodded, obviously recognizing the significance of Kelly’s statements.

Kelly looked at me for a moment, then turned to one of the tables. She turned back a moment later. ‘Samantha, based on your coloring, I’d say you’re a winter. Part your lips and relax your cheeks.’

Kelly obviously knew what she was doing, so I did as she asked. I felt her brushing a creamy substance over my lips. She stepped back when she was done, nodding in satisfaction. I gave the color a minute to dry, then slid my tongue along my upper lip. My lips were tingling. Not painfully, but definitely a healthy tingle, almost a burn.

Kelly walked me to a mirror. The effect was startling. My lips were now bright red, almost a slutty red. The color actually made my lips look much plumper. Even with my dark hair, my lips were almost…cock-sucking lips. I giggled at the thought of me sucking cock with these lips. I glanced at Jeff, then let my eyes drop to his crotch. There seemed to be a quite suckable package there. Not that I’d admit that to him. Heh.

Seemingly pleased with her work, Kelly nodded and turned back to Jeff and Robert. ‘Anyway, we’re developing quite a line of cosmetics for different functions, so this will be a critical part of our image. But I’m sure you understand that, so we’ll move on.’

We walked down the hallway and soon entered another room. This room had numerous clothing racks lining the walls.

‘Inasmuch as many of our products are directed at a woman’s appearance, offering a fashionable line of clothing is a natural extension of our efforts,’ said Kelly. Jeff and Robert nodded in obvious agreement. Kelly went on. ‘Elastic fibers are woven into the majority of our clothing products, to allow for any, say, sudden size changes. Of course, the styles are designed to show off a bim…er, woman’s assets to best advantage.’ She looked at me. ‘Samantha, come here.’

I looked up. I hadn’t followed everything Kelly said because I was still focusing on the tingle in my lips. I followed Kelly to one of the racks. She looked at my body, then selected several items and handed them to me.

‘Here…try these on,’ she said.

I looked around. ‘Where are the changing rooms?’

Jeff said, ‘Come on, now, Samantha, we’ve all seen women change clothes before. Don’t hold us up now, I’d like to finish this before lunch.’

‘Oh!’ I said. ‘Sorry, sir. Of course.’ Well, that settled that. I took a deep breath and began to strip off my clothes while Kelly, Jeff and Robert watched. Soon I was out of my business clothes and standing in front of them wearing only my panties and bra.

Kelly shook her head. ‘This is exactly the market we’re aiming at. How can anyone possibly feel sexy dressed in plain white panties and bra?’ She went back to the rack and came back moments later with a matched set of hot pink panties and bra. ‘Here, Samantha. These will do you a world of good.’

I bit my lower lip and thought about it. What Kelly said seemed to make sense, and besides, it would score points with Jeff and Robert. I giggled and nodded, then slipped off my panties and bra. As I took the underwear from Kelly, it finally occurred to me that I was standing naked in front of the two highest-ranking members of our management team. Oh, well, too late to do anything about it now.

I slipped into the sexy panties and suddenly realized it was a thong. ‘Oh!’ I said. I didn’t normally wear thongs. Still, they did make my ass look kind of nice. The bra wasn’t my normal 34B…it just said, ‘one size fits all.’ I didn’t know how that worked, but the material hugged my boobs just fine, so I went with it. Then I slipped into the clothing that Kelly had selected for me.

Kelly stood me up and placed a hand on my ass. ‘As you can see, this red stretch mini-skirt hugs the hips and the rear end just right. The red five-inch heels show off the calf muscles and really brings the derriere into play. Turn around, please, Samantha…thank you. Now, this fuscia crop-top hugs the upper body firmly but has a great deal of give as well, for reasons you can imagine. As you can see, it also shows off Samantha’s flat belly and cleavage, such as it is.’

I couldn’t believe I was being displayed like this, but Jeff and Robert were nodding in agreement. I could even see them looking at my body…er, me with…well, respect. Yes, respect! They were obviously impressed with how cooperative I was being and they had to be realizing I was definitely a team player.

Kelly was looking at me again. Then she said, ‘Come, Samantha. You look lovely, but you need some accessories.’

I blinked. How could I have missed it? Kelly was right again. I followed her into an adjoining room, with Jeff and Robert following close behind.

The walls were lined with display cases much like those found in jewelry stores. Inside the display cases a wide range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and other assorted types of jewelry could be seen.

‘A good deal of our research is focused on jewelry right now,’ said Kelly. ‘Jewelry is worn on the skin and prolonged contact is easy to arrange.’

Jeff and Robert nodded again. I didn’t understand what Kelly was hinting at, but then, I was busy looking at the pretty jewelry.

‘Samantha,’ said Kelly, ‘look up for a second, please.’

I lifted my chin and looked up. I felt Kelly lock something around my throat. I blinked, lifting my fingers to my neck. I could see myself in a mirror just behind Kelly, and I realized I had a hot pink choker circling my neck. I giggled. It looked like a collar, but it had to be a choker, right? Anyway, it looked hot, so I wasn’t going to complain. Besides, Jeff and Robert were nodding in approval. They sooooooo had delicious looking bulges now. Just thinking about those bulges was starting to make me lick my lips.

I looked a little closer at the mirror. My lips really looked swollen. In fact, I was surprised I hadn’t noticed myself. My lips were super thick, really bee-stung. I wondered briefly if it was an allergic reaction, then giggled. I would have known if I was having a bad reaction! It would have hurt lots and lots!

A sudden sharp pain in my belly made me jump.

‘Oh!’ said Kelly. ‘I’m sorry, Samantha. I thought you knew what I was doing.’

I suddenly realized that Kelly had screwed some kind of self-piercing ring into my belly button. I had just gotten my belly button pierced.

I giggled, unable to believe it had been so easy. ‘Oh, my goodness. That hardly hurt at all!’ I said.

Kelly nodded. ‘It’s actually quite easy. I’ll show you later.’

We stayed in the jewelry room for a few more minutes. Jeff and Robert were really sweet about it. They must have realized I was enjoying looking at all the pretties. Just to show them I appreciated it, I let Kelly put some huge hot-pink hoop earrings on me. I even decided to wear some cute little toe rings. Kelly said I was really looking adorable and I could see Jeff and Robert looking at my ass…er, taking note of my efficiency.

We left that room and headed down the hall. We reached a door that had allllll kinds of ‘No admittance except authorized personnel’ signs on it. Kelly had to do all kinds of identity things to get the door to open. The door finally swung open and inside was some kind of laboratory.

‘This is the heart of our operation,’ said Kelly. ‘This is where we create most of our products. I must remind you that you signed confidentiality agreements when we arranged this tour, and that we ask you to understand that we can’t show you everything. This way, please.’

We followed Kelly through the room. There were all kinds of machines and gadgets and everything! It was a little hard to focus because my lips felt soooooo thick and sexy, and I really wanted to suck on something…er, eat something, I mean.

I suddenly realized that Kelly was introducing Jeff and Robert to an important looking guy in a lab coat.

‘This is our leader, the brains behind Blonde Concepts. This is Doctor Street,’ said Kelly.

Jeff and Robert solemnly shook hands with the scientist. I giggled and wiggled my fingers at him. He was kinda cute, and he looked really smart.

‘You must be Samantha,’ he said. ‘Have you enjoyed the tour so far?’

I giggled. ‘Omigod, yes, Doctor! This place is awesome!’ It was almost impossible to talk now without lisping because my lips were so thick.

Dr.Street nodded. ‘I’m glad you’ve found it so.’

He turned to Kelly. ‘She’s drunk the foundation prep formula?’

Kelly nodded. ‘Yes, Doctor. It was packaged under the name ‘Frequency’, but I figured out what it was.’

‘Excellent,’ he said. ‘Let’s try it, shall we?’

‘Of course, Doctor.’

Dr.Street looked at me. ‘Sammi, I want you to stand in front of that machine, okay? It can’t hurt you…it’s only going to envelope your body with waves of a certain frequency. It will align your electrolytes in a way that will be good for your bosses…I mean, good for you, okay?’

I blinked and bit my lower lip, trying to work through everything the doctor had just said. Finally, I gave it up and just went and stood where he told me to.

The doctor played with some switches and stuff. I wished he’d hurry up ‘cuz I really wanted to suck Jeff’s cock. I heard him muttering something about letters or something…’Hmmmm…initial size, ‘B’…set frequency for ‘E’…hips…buttocks..’ Then I heard a high-pitched whine, and suddenly I was feeling really funny. This went on for several heartbeats, and then suddenly everything was quiet again.

I felt kinda dizzy and I wanted to sit down for a minute. I turned and nearly fell over. Finally I realized why. My boobs had swelled up!

I gasped and clutched at my now massive chest. I couldn’t believe it. My boobs were two or three times bigger than they had been before! It was a good thing I was wearing the clothes that Kelly had given me. My original outfit would have torn when my boobs swelled.

‘It’s okay, Sammi,’ said Kelly. ‘We were just testing the machine. You did great! Thank you so much for helping us.’

I was
going to give Kelly a piece of my mind, but I realized that would embarrass Jeff and Robert if I did it in front of Dr.Street. Fine. I would just have to wait until later. Giving me great big boobs like I was some kind of bimbo! Hmmmpphh!

The laboratory was apparently the last stop on the tour. I tried not to show how difficult it was to walk with my huge boobs, but it wasn’t easy. They were jiggling all over, and my nipples were sooooo sensitive. Kelly tried to help by screwing some self-piercing hoops into both my nipples, but that kinda hurt and didn’t really help. We were finally heading for the door, but Kelly wanted to make one last stop.

‘Sammi,’ said Kelly, ‘I really must apologize about what happened to your breasts. That was very unprofessional of me. If you don’t mind, I’d like to make up for it. Can I offer you a free session at our on-site salon?’

I was still upset, but I could see Jeff and Robert looking at me in a way that made it clear I had better accept Kelly’s offer. I was a bit sullen, I admit, but I finally said, ‘Fine.’

Kelly went inside and made the arrangements. Then she waved me in. I went inside and was waited on immediately. They didn’t even ask me what style I wanted, they just went right to work. I was starting to get nervous, but then Kelly came over and whispered to me, ‘I shouldn’t tell you this, but, between us, Jeff and Robert were saying earlier that they really wished you were blonde.’

I gasped. ‘Omigod! Really?’

Kelly nodded. ‘So, to make up for what happened to your breasts, I told them to make you a gorgeous blonde, okay? Just like Jeff and Robert want.’

‘Oh! Oh, Kelly! Thank you so much!’ I couldn’t believe how sweet Kelly had been! She was really trying to help me! She knew how hard it was to keep male bosses happy and she was doing what she could to help me. Kelly was sooooo sweet!

At last they were finished. I couldn’t believe the difference. I looked so glamorous and hot. My curves were soooooo lush and I wiggled and jiggled when I walked. My fingernails and toenails were a sexy shade of bright red, just like my lips, and my hair was full and soooooo blonde.

I hugged Kelly, then jiggled out of the salon. Jeff, Robert and I walked down the steps and left Blonde Concepts, Inc. I licked my tingling, swollen lips and giggled. Jeff and Robert were in for such a surprise tomorrow morning. When I brought them their morning coffee, I was going to be giving them more than just coffee.


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