A few weeks ago we decided that the sitting room and dinning needed decorating,, so my husband said to get some guys in to do the work.. My husband is a lawyer and spends a lot of time away, he loves me getting blacked and we have cameras in the reception rooms, and our bedroom so he can see what I get up to.

Anyway, I called a guy who had an advert in the local shop and Stevie turned up to give a quote, I was dressed in a shirt summer dress with no underwear, as I had been sunbathing. When I answered the door and saw Stevie I almost orgasmed on the spot. He was mid twenties, 6′ muscular sex on legs black guy. He looked at me with a dirty look, and it asked him in, showed him the two rooms, he offered a price, I would have accepted no matter what he charged. I offered him a beer and sat next to me he was very flirty, stoked my legs, and I uncrossed them and opened them further, he took the hint, an his hand was soon on my pussy, we were kissing and the other hand had my tits out and he was pinching them hard, he was finger fucking me with three fingers, I came loading, he pushed me back and stood up took his shirt and jeans off and out came a massive hard cock, he pulled my legs apart and entered my pussy in one long push, saying you are a fucking sexy white bitch, nice and tight you like rough and I said I loved being fucked rough, I will treat you like a bitch fuck meat. He pounded into me, biting my tits and nipples, then turned me over and had me doggy style, telling me I had a real tight cunt, the started playing with my arse before starting to fuck my arse, he must hVe fucked me for twenty minutes alternating between my cunt and arse before starting to cum, pulled out got hold of my hair to turn my face towards him and came over my face.

He got dressed saying he would see me with his two work mates on Monday and I had better dress like a slut. When he left I had a shower and was looking forward to Monday, my husband was in New York that entire week, so I book so time off work.

When Monday came, I had told my husband and he was very excited, I had a hot bath, been waxed on the Saturday and was feeling really horny. I dressed in a short denim skirt, 3’Sandal heels, and a cropped top, no underwear, and a anklet on my left ankle.

The guys turned up at 8.30, the other two were similar build and age to Stevie, their names Joe and Matt. They all came in all very confident and very arrogant, Stevie kissed me groped my tits and said they would start work, and that he had told the guys what a slut I was and they would use me later. I made them a coffee, and then messed around in the kitchen. After about half an hour Stevie came in and came up behind me and out his hands on both of my tits, pinching my nipples really hard. He licked. Y neck and said I told them you liked rough and you are going to get rough for the next four days, I told them you were white trash to use as we like. He turned me round and pushed me on my knees and unzipped his trousers and held my hair as his cock went into my mouth and he face fucked me, stopping occasionally to hit my face with his 11′ cock, calling me names, and taking the odd photo on his phone, when he came I almost chocked, but I managed to swallow most of it.

He then took me into the sitting room, saying that the cheap slut had just swallowed his cum, I was told to take my clothes off leaving my sandals on, they stripped and I was pushed onto the settee and they each took turns fucking me, whilst one was fucking me the other two played with my tits biting them, biting my neck and slapping my face with their cocks. When they had cum I was told not to dress and to stay that way all day.

A little later Joe came out to the patio, I was sunbathing, naked as I was ordered. Joe was a really sexy guy cock was about the same length as Stevie but much thicker, and he took his shirts off, he did not have a shirt and pulled me up and bent me forward, and using his hand he slapped by arse really hard, bringing tears to my eyes, he then entered my arse, slowly then when balls deep started to fuck me very hard, leaning forward to rub my clit hard and pinching my nipples, I was so turned on I was screaming, he told me to make more noise he wanted the neighbours to hear that I was a cheap whore, he continued to fuck me really hard pulling on my hair and eventually coming in my arse, his place was taken by Matt who went into my fanny, using my hair as a way of getting rougher strokes, he was calling me every name a slut, a whore, white cunt trash and much more. When he came he pulled out sending some cum over my arse, I felt a harsh whack on my arse cheeks, it was Stevie he had found one of my riding crops, and used it on my arse for a few strokes, then told me to take them to the bedroom.

We all got to the bedroom and Stevie went to the sex toys drawer and pulled out some hand cuffs and cuffed me to the metal bed frame, Joe tied my legs open to the lower frame, Stevie took one of my vibrators out, my black monster vibrator 16′ and like an arm, he started to play with it on my nipples and then on my fanny, telling his mates that this cunt could take anything, he pushed it in some of the way switching it onto full power, whilst Matt rubbed my clit hard and Joe put some weighted nipple clamps on me, I had two of the most shattering orgasms I have ever had, I almost passed out, then Stevie told the guys to move back and take some vids as he used the riding crop on my tits and fanny, making me scream, they then took turns fucking me, and pressing the clamps ever tighter. When they had finished they un tied me and went to do more work, I fell asl**p only to be woken up two hours later by the guys wanting me again. This was by now 6pm and Joe and Matt had to go back to their girlfriends and Stevie said he would stay each night until Friday. He fucked me in the bed, in the sitting room, in the annex, he was insatiable, just like me! He fucked each hole, and fisted me in my fanny and arse, once when fucking me he held my throat until I came and he then shot his load over my face.

The next day the guys, Matt and Joe, turned up at 8.30, the first thing they dud was fuck me whilst Stevie had a shower, I was expected to wear the heals and nothing else. Even when the door bell went and it was a parcel delivery Stevie made me open the door naked, there was a young guy standing there, Stevie came to the door and opened it fully so the guy had a good look, Stevie groped my tits telling the guy if he had been black he could have joined in.

During the morning I was fucked again, and in the afternoon Stevie’s made me pose for some pretty pornographic photos, legs wide apart opening up my cunnie lips, doggy pose, sucking off the other guys, being fucked, fisted and with various toys. He recorded me getting fucked telling them they were the best lovers, that they were better than my husband and that he was a small cocked wanker. Stevie stayed the night again and we had some amazing sex. The following day they used me again, having DP and at one point two cocks in my arse, that was a real new one, fuck it was amazing. That evening Stevie made a call and one of his mates Idie came round he was about thirty very muscular and fit and his cock was bigger and thicker than any of the other three, he was very harsh and rough, leaving me bites and loves bites on my neck, tits, body and fanny, he loved the riding crop, he left around 10pm saying he would be back the next day.

The next day I was fucked by each of Joe and Matt as they arrived, about 1pm Idie came back with a pretty thai girl, her name was Rose, he fucked me and she went down on me to lick my arse and fanny clean, we then used the toys on each other and she fucked me with a dual way dildo. After they had taken photos after about an hour Idie told her to fuck off Thai whore, paid her some money, she was a prostitute who worked for him. He and Stevie fucked me the rest of the afternoon as Matt and Joe finished off the decorating. Idie left and Joe and Matt stayed to around 9pm using me like fuck meat, Stevie stayed the night and treated me as before. He left around 10am the next day, Friday.

After he left I had a long hot bath and slept for a few hours, when it got up I looked in the mirror a couple if live bites on my neck and tuts, some bites on my tuts and very sore nipples and some belt reels over my tuts and arse. But I felt really satisfied and upbeat. I dressed in a sexy dress for my husband. I then had a text from Stevie with an attachment of me getting well fucked, his text said we will see you next week, and be a dirty slut or we will put the photos on the web. They don’t have to threaten I would be their slut anytime

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