Babes & Bacon

A quick porn short short by Moctezuma Johnson based on plaid flannel shirts and construction workers.


‘So, you’ve inherited your uncle’s new construction company?’

‘Yep. What do I know about construction?’

‘Jackshit, bro. Jackshit.’

John pulled long and hard on his cigarette. ‘What a cliché, drinking outside on a hot day. Let’s get the fuck out of here and get some bacon and eggs and figure out what the fuck we are going to to with our lives. We’re pathetic.’

‘Yes, we are pathetic.’ Dave took the last sip and crushed the beer can with his hand.

They heard a truck beeping as it backed up and then heard the sound of a crash.

‘What was that, dude?’

‘Over there. Sounded like a crash.’

A high-pitched voice came out of the truck. Inside, a beautiful brunette in a red and blue plaid flannel shirt was hunched over the steering wheel. The truck was still in reverse and still beeping. The loud revving of her foot still pushing the gas pedal made the whole scene really noisy. She had backed into a fence in front of some fine pines.

John and Dave walked over toward the revving truck. ‘Isn’t that one of yours?’

The truck had a John Patriot logo right in the middle of the door. ‘Sure is. I think that’s a chick inside.’

They both ran forward and Dave jumped up on the foot rail and peered in the cab. ‘It is a girl. She’s gorgeous.’

He looked in and saw beautiful, long, curly hair, and a flannel shirt around her very pretty and pert tits. The flannel shirt was tied in a knot around her waist exposing tanned and firm abs that disappeared into a pair of blue jeans. She smelled like mangos and menthols.

‘Miss, are you okay?’

The woman did not answer. Dave leaned into the cab and put his fingers onto her neck.

Joe tugged on Dave’s leg like a child. ‘What’s going on in there? Is she alive?’


‘Is she hot? Is she naked?’

‘She’s unconscious but she has a pulse.’

Joe ran around the cab and climbed up on the other side.

‘Oh my god, she is incredibly pretty.’

The slouched-over girl started to move around and moan. Then she sat up. The loud revving stopped. She looked to her right and let out, ‘What the fuck?’

Joe jumped back down off of the foot rail onto the ground.

Dave continued to peer at the beautiful girl. ‘Miss, are you okay?’

She turned and looked at him and smiled. ‘Yes, I smacked the back and then hit my head on the windshield as I lost control of the clutch. It’s a double clutch. Pain in the ass to drive.’

She had attitude and Dave loved it.

‘You’re smiling like a retard, dude,’ John said. ‘Say something.’

‘Can I help you?’

‘Who are you?’

‘Dave Patriot.’

‘The new owner of the company?’

‘That I am,’ Dave said. ‘I suppose you should sue me for damages to your pretty head.’

‘I guess you should fire me for negligence.’

‘I suppose I should. That’s right.’

John chimed in. ‘The truck is a little banged up back here but looks basically okay.’

‘John, weren’t you on your way to get some bacon and eggs.’

‘Yeah, so?’

‘Well, now is the time to get moving.’

John caught the hint and walked away leaving Dave and his attractive, reckless employee alone.

‘Mr. Patriot, get in the cab. I’ll drive you wherever you’re going. I mean, I did crash your truck. I should make it up to you somehow.’

For the first time, Dave felt good about being the boss of this construction company. ‘You don’t have to do anything for me,’ he said as he got in next to her on the driver’s side.

She slid over to give him room.

‘You don’t have to move away.’

‘No?’ She smiled and he could see her incredible cleavage.

She was feeling incredibly sexy. Maybe it was the bump to her head, maybe it was the handsome young boss in her cab sitting right beside her. Maybe it was the bulge in her boss’s jeans, but something made her slide over and straddle him. Before she realized what was happening, her tongue spiraled around her boss’s.

He was now holding her sexy hips in his hands and thinking about how much he wanted to massage those gorgeous tits of hers.

He would have to wait because she popped off of him and disappeared into the back of the cab where there was a bunk bed set up. She sat on the side of the bed. He walked toward her and she pulled off his jeans and rubbed his balls. He leaned forward and unknotted her flannel shirt, revealing a lacy red bra underneath. He unsnapped it and her full breasts fell out and into his hands. They felt so soft and luscious. He kneaded them and felt his cock get so hot and hard. She then held him in her hands as she played with her boobs. ‘Your breasts are fantastic!’

‘Thanks. Your cock is wonderful, too.’ She played with it a little bit and then said, ‘Do you want to put it in me?’

‘Oh yes,’ Dave said. He massaged the back of her neck and guided her right to his hard on. She swallowed the whole thing.

She was blowing him in his own company’s cab. What a day! Being the boss of a construction company might not be so bad.

She let him out of her mouth, pulled her jeans off, and lay back on the little bed. Her pussy was glistening and shaved except for a neat patch of bush above the slit. She rubbed her clit for a moment and then reached into her pussy to finger herself a moment, and used the wetness from inside her to lubricate her lips and spread them wide open. ‘Give me that big cock, boss.’

Dave stuffed her wet hole with his mighty member and started to work it in and out, pushing it all the way into her and holding before pulling it back out. He looked at her. She really had a very pretty face. He leaned in and kissed her. As he kissed her, their chests touched each other and he felt her nipples harden. He slid up and down on her, enjoying her tits against his as he gave it to her hard. She grabbed his butt and held as she grinded against him. Then she arched her back, dropped her head back, and let out a long deep moan.

He was so hot that he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled out and jerked his cream onto both of her beautiful tits. A thick creamy load smeared her breasts. It looked like her breasts were pancakes and his cum was syrup on a short stack.

‘I’m hungry,’ Dave said. ‘Do you want to join me for bacon and eggs?’

‘That was really great,’ she said. ‘I’d love to have bacon and eggs with you, boss.’ She gave him that awesome smile again and then rubbed her middle finger through Dave’s cream and tasted a little bit. ‘Yeah, I rather eat bacon.’ She pulled her shirt back on and gave Dave a big, deep kiss.

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