3some with co-workers

Back a few years (8 years) ago I was working at a Japanese restaurant in the CBD that hire alot of japanese girls that is on working holiday visa to OZ. With the turn over of staffs so regulaly there were a few gems came through and I have fucked a few of them. But the 2 I remembered the most is Mai (korean japanese mix, size 5 with perfect ass, flat stomach and long legs, b cup tits and fully shave & tight pussy) & Maki (japanese, size 5 with a very flat stomach, a cup tits anda very very tight pussy). I had always wanted to get in Mai pant since her first day at work and Maki is a very close second. The other good thing was that both of the girls got along quite well and end up sharing a flat while they were here.
One night while a group of us was out celebrating another waitress farewell party at a karaoke. Mai and Maki had a bit to drink and Mai was sitting next to me quite d***k for most of the night while Maki was roaming in our privite room talking to other people. While I was alone with Mai in the sofa she put her hand on my leg and started to tease me by moving it very close to my cock and then moved away again. It went on for about 5 mins before she decided to land her hand on my cock and start massage it through my jean. As she was doing that I have sliped my hand under her mini skirt massaging her pussy through her g-string. She was wet within minutes and I have trouble hiding my hard on, that is when Maki noticed what we were up to and came up to us and in her broken english she say to Mai ‘maybe is time for you to invite him to have a look at our place’. Mai turn to me and asked can you please drive us home with a cutest smile on her face. I said okay and bid farewell to everyone and 3 of us head to my car.
While driving home I have Mai giving me BJ and to my suprise Maki have her hand around my driver sit trying to give my balls some tender care. I drove as fast as I can to get to they place and once in they flat, Mai and I was kissing each other passionately before we move into her room. As we hit her bed I pulled her top off and started to suck on her b cup tits and my hand was fingering her wet & tight pussy. After a while of this I got Mai and myself naked and started eating out her pussy. As I was sucking and tasting Mai sweet juice I felt a warm mouth engulfing my hard cock and start sucking it. I turned around and saw Maki was also naked sucking my cock. I continue with pleasuring Mai for another few minutes before she cum. At that time Maki was still sucking my hard cock like it was her favorite lollie pop, I got her to stop as I was ready to fuck Mai tight pussy. I got on the bed and asked Mai to ride me, she slowly lower her wet pussy onto my cock and it was very tight to start of with. But with her so wet my average size cock penetrate her pussy with ease. As soon as my cock entered her she start to moan loudly and move her hip and ride me, with every movement I can feel her pussy wall contract and squeezing my cock. As Mai was riding me Maki went around and started to suck and massage my balls. I knew with this 2 girls attacking me I won’t last long, so after 10 mins of Mai riding me and Maki doing her magic. I got Mai to a doggy position and fuck her from behind hard and fast, as I fuck Mai her moan got loud and in between moan she was saying ‘fuck me harder’. Before I cum I asked Mai where she wanted my cum and she told me that she is on the pill and wanted to feel my hot cum in her pussy, with that a few more hard push I exploded inside her tight pussy. I rested on her back with my cock still inside her and still fucking her gentlely for a few minutes before I pulled it out.
As soon as I got my cock out of Mai pussy, Maki came over and started to suck my cock clean and say is my turn… With that she turn around and we got into the 69’s position. I start sucking on Maki pussy and she cum within minutes (guess she has been playing with herself while I was fucking Mai) and with me wanted to fuck Maki too I guess, because my cock was hard again after a few minutes of BJ from Maki. I got her to stand up and bend over the bed so I can fuck her from behind while Mai can see us fucking. Maki pussy was tighter then Mai so as my cock entered her she let out a small cry. But after a few stroks she started to moan in pleasure and moving her hip to the rhythm of me fucking her. As I fuck her I can see Mai have recover from our session and starte to rubbing her pussy to mix her juice with mine and lick it of her fingers. I started to pick up my pace and Maki was moaning more and more and her pussy juice was flowing down her legs (for a moment I though she is a squirter but I was wrong), and within sec she cum again while I was fucking her and I can feel her pussy squeeze the life out of my cock. After she recover I ask her to lay down so I can fuck her missionary, as she lay there I spread her legs wide open and start fucking her gently while sucking on her a cup tits. After 10 mins of this I put her legs over my sholder and start to fuck her hard, as I was fucking her and between her moaning she told me to cum in her pussy too. A few more minutes of pounding her pussy she cum again and with her pussy squeeze so hard on my cock I exploded inside her too… After few hours rest the 3 of us when on fucking each other for the rest of the night and morning. Also Mai apply for a student visa so I got to fuck her for another 18 months after that. But all that is another story…

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