the walk.

Author: mandy

12 year old Mandy was on her way to her mates house, 16 year Steve her sisters boyfriend was taking her there because there had been a hooded flasher in the area. Steve was due to go to Australia later that night so they would not see him again. They were taking a short cut through the woods which were deserted and very quiet. Mandy told Steve that her friend had seen the flasher and that he was very big in the dick department. Half way through the woods Steve said he need to pee and went behind some trees, Mandy waited on the path, as she waited she saw Steve by the trees and could see his dick, she smiled and kept looking. After a minute Steve rejoined Mandy who said ” I just saw your cock it is” then stopped looked at Steve and said ” fucking hell your the flasher and just flashed me” Steve smiled Mandy said ” my friend is right it is big” Steve lowered his track suit trousers Mandy looked said ” fucking hell your a perv put it away ” Steve stood there his dick swelling it was soon fully hard sticking up about 10 inches. Mandy was amazed at the size and watched as Steve started to stroke it, Mandy just stood watching wide eyed, after a few minutes Steve squirted in 5 long spurts. Mandy said ” fucking hell you dirty sod” Steve noticed the pokies in her tee shirt, he put his dick away and left Mandy to go to her friends house on her own.

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