The centre

Author: mandy

12 year old Abdul was at the local day centre for immigrants he was the only immigrant there everybody else had gone he was waiting for his brother to collect him. 16 year old Mandy was the last volunteer in the centre it was her job to lock up she had already locked all the doors and closed the windows. Mandy had a reputation for being a rough girl and was only at the centre because she was doing unpaid work as a punishment for a crime she had committed. Mandy got a towel and as went to the shower looked at Abdul and said ” don’t move from there I don’t want some dirty paki looking at me while I am in shower” Abdul replied I am not Paki I am Bengali Mandy said ” what ever just stay there ” Mandy went into the showers. After a few awhile Mandy came out the showers dressed in just a towel her hair soaking wet and went in the office, Abdul went in kitchen to get water, he saw the hatch between the kitchen and office was slightly open he could see Mandy back to him, she was naked drying her hair, Abdul’s dick went solid as he looked at Mandy’s naked bum Mandy slowly turned her towel covering her eyes so she could not see Abdul who was now looking at her boobs and shaved love hole. Mandy dropped her towel and saw Abdul, she quickly put the towel on, Abdul went back to the telly went back to the telly happy at what he had seen. Mandy appeared in her towel she looked at Abdul said ” don’t tell anyone what you saw ” Abdul said why I saw your bum tits and cunt” Mandy said don’t tell please Abdul said ,why not Mandy said I will be finished,, Abdul said show me it all again, Mandy realised she had no option and dropped her towel Abdul pulled his dick out, Mandy looked at it and was surprised to see it was about 6 inches, she said ” fuck you got a big cock for a 12 year old, she picked up her towel went into the office, Abdul followed her, Mandy was still naked, Abdul saw her nipples were now erect, He smiled said ” I want to fuck you” Mandy looked at him Abdul saw her nipples were now well erect and was surprised when she said OK but don’t tell anyone and lay on the floor, Abdul stripped knelt between her legs and was soon right up her pounding away after 20 minutes Mandy had came twice and Abdul dry came. Abdul left a hour later. Mandy could hardly believe what she had done but had enjoyed it

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