love affair ch. 1

Introduction: Hey guys this is 100% mine mistakes and all lol I wanna thank cracked jaguar for inspiring me to write this pm me if you want.. If youre reading just for sex leave.. Sex will be in later blah blah etc… story time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fuck John said as he was pulling out of his wife. Cant we do anything besides missionary?.
John was tired of doing all the work making her feel good while she just laid there doing nothing… What do you suggest we do then?
Well we can do doggy or cowgirl anything but missionary.
Fine said johns wife.
John was getting excited he would only daydream about this moment!
John flipped his wife over on all fours and slowly entered her from behind while caressing her double d sized breasts and pinching her nipples till they were rock hard he slowly pulled out then back in causing a moan to escape his wifes lips.
He was enjoying the sight of his cock being buried in his wifes love tunnel oblivious to everything around him he kept up a slow rhythm until his wife started to cum.
Shhhhiiiitttt JOHN stop! My pussy is to sensitive right now finish yourself off… Night.
Shit Alison you always do this.. You cum and leave me with a hard on you never suck my Dick or give me a handjob but you expect me to eat you!! Fuck you Im going to moes. John got in his car and drove off to moes 24 hour bar.
As John drove in his car he couldnt help but feel depressed his job was alright it paid a decent amount of money his Co workers were nice too he felt at peace at work until it was time to leave and he would have to come home to a bitch of a wife who doesnt cook and barely cleans and doesnt even have a job…

John remembered when he and Alison first met.
At the time Alison worked at a strip club she was one of the strippers or as she likes to be calledexotic dancer.
she had just came up on stage when John saw her she had dirty blonde hair heart shaped face and the cutest button nose with green eyes.
John thought to himself at that moment he was gonna marry that girl.

He watched her performance closely and studied her movement his Dick was hard by the time she finished and went back stage.

Ah the happy memories of his life he thought as he pulled in moes parking lot.

Alison rolled over on her side thinking about what John said and she couldnt help but cry.

He was right she was being selfish but she couldnt help it she thought sucking Dick was disgusting she didnt like Cum and she only likes missionary.

Maybe I should be open minded. Oh well he will calm down sooner or later… her cell phone ringing brought her out of her trance. After the forth ring she picked up.


Hey girl dont tell me your sleep already?

It was her old friend Chela.

Of course not! What you doing girl and why do you always call me late?

Alison checked the clock it read 2:42 am

Ali you know I work late anyway I was calling to ask if you wanna go out.

Go where? At this time of night?Girl Im good for now lets make plans this Friday thoe.

Ok well Im gonna go to a bar tonight and get laid Ill cya Friday k?

Ok Chela Ill see you then bye.
Alison laid back slowly closed her eyes and let sleep take her away from all her problems..


Hey moe hit me up with another beer.

Here said moe.

Thanks put it on my tab Im getting wasted tonight.

Bad night huh?

Yeah its Alison she just pisses me off sometimes I swear if she didnt look so good Id leave that bitch.

I hear ya man I got rid of my old lady years ago too many problems.

Hey Ill drink to that!

*Hour later*

Chela walks in moes bar and sees John.

Hey John how ya doing?

Oh hey chela Ive been better.

Oh.. Whats Wrong?

Nothing me and Alison just had a fight Id rather not talk about it..

Oh ok well I just talked to Alison on the phone she seemed fine we made plans for next Friday.

John looked at chela she looked stunning nice c cup breasts nice firm round ass, fire like red hair, brown eyes, and Rosy cheeks.

He thought to himself Oh what I would give to fuck her right now.

See something you like?

John hurriedly looked away he didnt know he was staring.

John felt himself turn a deep crimson.

Its ok Im use to it allot of guys do it but…

But what?

Um I was wondering if you would like to come to my place you know drink alittle watch a movie…

John couldnt help but smile inwardly.

Id love too

I want to personally thank you for reading my first story ever if you like it yay if you dont… hey thats you!
If you vote down please explain why and If you vote up yay good for me if I get enough good votes Ill post a part two =P pm me if you want for ideas to make this story better Im always online reading different stories and stuff.

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