After the party

Author: Steve

I am 14 hated and bullied because I am gay, I was in detention at school and was clearing up in the gym, it was deserted, 16 year old Steve the school hard nut came in, he had split with his gf that day, he was in his football gear, as he came in he locked the door looked at me sat on a bench, I was nervous because he gives me lots of hassle, he removed his boots and socks stood took his jumper and shorts off then to my surprise he took his pants off he was naked his dick on full view it was about 7 inches hairy, he went to the shower switched it on went under it he looked at me smiled said “you enjoying looking at my cock” I said ” surprised to see it” he asked if I was in the park last night I told him no, his dick was growing and sticking right out straight in front of him, I just stared at it could hardly believe what I was seeing, his dick went fully hard about 9 inches, Steve said” I got caught by a couple of boys from the college2 he started to stroke his
dick then added ” they both got my trousers down and took turns to fuck me”
he was stroking faster, I asked who they were he replied ” no idea but it felt good”
he started to breathe heavy then said ” I’m going to spunk” there were 4 long spurts of cream, I watched as he showered and dressed, as he left he said ” keep your gob shut you tell anyone your dead”

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